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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving Day

Alright- I'm doing it.
I love this blog and who knows, maybe I'll come back and post sometimes...but I think this blog is done.

To my blog- thank you. You made wedding planning fun and easy. The thousaands (literally) of unpublished posts saved me from insanity.

To my readers- wow. What a journey we've taken. Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting. I hope to see you here.

xxoo, jennifer

Blog question

This blog of mine is taking a different direction...I'm ready to leave the wedding behind (sigh) and move on to some new ideas. Question: Do I stay here and morph it...or do I leave this one be and move over to a new site- for my new-ish blog?


Monday, June 15, 2009

Traveling fools,part 2

In 8 weeks I've traveled to Austin, Dallas, Tuba City, Arizona, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Pittsburgh, PA and Denver, Colorado. In the next 8 weeks, I'll add Portland and Florida to the list.

I've flown on 4 different airlines in the last 8 weeks: American (my all time favorite), Southwest, Frontier and US Airways. They all have their pluses and minuses, but I am partial to AA due to all my miles. Southwest has free bag check (up to TWO bags per person), but they always seem to get me down with the open seating policy.

I'm no expert- but somehow whenever I fly SW, I get a nut job sitting next to me. Whenever I fly assigned seating, I get a perfectly normal person.

Case in point:

On my recent travels to Pittsburgh- I had to fly Tuscon to Vegas. I get on the plane, I'm in the A group, so I get on first, pick out a nice window seat and a woman takes the aisle seat. No one in the middle seat (score!). The whole time she is getting settled and what not, she is looking at my feet. Finally she asks "did you bring a lizard on with you?" I said no, pick up my bag, look around no lizard. She says nothing else. weird. THEN, I am emailing or something on my iPhone (before doors were closed) and she says "Oh, you have and iPhone, I have one too". I respond: "cool"- it was 6am, so that was gabby as I wanted to be. She proceeds to pull out a iPhone box - the black on you get when you buy your phone. From it she remove the first ever iPod. NOT iPhone, iPOD. So its huge and no buttons, just a half screen and the wheel on the bottom. Kinda like this- but way older.

She proceeds to "call" someone on it and inform them that we were taking off soon, so she wouldn't be available by phone for an hour or so.

um yea.