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Friday, August 29, 2008


We have a honeymoon! After 16 months, 2 tickets purchased and canceled to South Africa (only for the tickets to sextuple in price), 8 travel guides bought and poured over- we have a honeymoon!

For 2 out of our 3 weeks we will be vacationing in Costa Rica. Time at the beach, time by the volcano- everything I need. Relaxation, beach time, adventure, hiking, volcanoes and surfing! Perfect!

For our final week, we will be spending time in the Bay area! I've never been and San Fransisco continues to allude me. We've planned several trips and I never get to go...something always stops me. But we are going!

I love it... love the whole 3 weeks. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A bit of humble pie

I often think I know more about things than I really do. Case in point music. I've always had a few songs in my head for the wedding. And I am under the belief that live music better than recorded music (except in the case of Boys 2 Men, that concert in 1992 was horrible!).

So 2 of the three pieces I really wanted focus on the trumpet. I got online, contacted the University gig list, the local Symphony Orchestra...done. I got a great response back from a trumpeter who is the principal trumpeter for an orchestra in town. Done and done. Then I emailed him the selections I wanted. And he said great, he'd be happy to accompany an organ or a piano.


In my email I specified a soloist and the two pieces I wanted played. Now, I have to find an organist or a pianist...plus the instruments?! Now I am back to the drawing board. I'm not sure what to do about trumpet boy, if i should retain him, or drop him and start over.

The worst case scenario is we have our DJ push play and we listen to piped music. (gag) But between all the other musicians we've hired, I feel like that's a let down. I guess I could have my piper play both the recessional and the processional. But I've always wanted some brass.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Make-up Trial results

Be kind, this is the look I am going with. I really was pleased with the results! Melisa so kindly (or meanly) told me it made me look 10 years younger! Fi who saw Make-up trials #1 and #3 was happy with both trials. And it doesn't hurt that this artist charges 1/3 of the price as the first make-up artist!

I am a bit bronzed, but she really evened my skin out with out caking make-up on. Linda had commented on Make-up trial 1 and said that perhaps my now everyday Bare Minerals make-up wasn't great for photos. Courtney, my newly booked make-up artist confirmed that, as she works a lot of photo shoots. Something with the reflection of the minerals...so thanks Linda!

Pretty eyes! She used peach and pink along with a brown liner. I never wear pink or peach, but I really felt pretty and like a bride. And I still felt natural!

This is 8 hours, many drinks and one cheeseburger later. Still looks great, even if I can't hold the camera straight any more!

Goodbye Google Reader

Dear Google Reader,

You have been one of the most wonderful technologies I have known. You take all my favorite blogs and let me know when they are updated. Instead of refreshing on Jumping the Broom every ten minutes, you kindly let me know when it is updated so I can visit the site and read away.

However, you have gotten away from me. The 25-30 wedding blogs I have subscribed to seem to update at an alarming rate. I can not possibly read 50-70 blog posts a day without going a little nuts. I have pared you down. I sometimes do the unthinkable and click "Mark all as Read" without reading.

As this wedding approached in 45 days (choke, cough, choke) I need to simplify. So Google Reader- goodbye. I have stripped you clean except for my few (you know who you are) must read daily blogs. These blogs are helpful to me. They don't taunt me with unnecessary stress and ideas. They are my webpals who are (or just have, or are just funny, or I like to pretend we are real friends) getting married soon too.

I'd like to say that I'll miss reading weddingbee or the bride's cafe, but something tells me I won't even miss them and my head will be a little less cluttered because of it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Advice Please

My darling Fi is not by any means a fashionisto. His style has come a long way since we started dating and he knows what he likes and pulls off looks most men his age can't (sweater vest anyone?).

The advice: He went and rented his tux, a beautiful two button tux. He also ordered his shirt and tie and vest. Shirt: white. Tie and vest: ivory.

Is this going to look weird? I didn't see it and he said he liked it, but really? Discuss.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Too. busy. to. blog.

Quick recap:
1. My piper has hands as big as my head.

2. I have awesome friends who had Fi and I over for a wine party Saturday night even though I had held them hostage and said we weren't going to attend unless it was wedding talk free. It was, it rocked and they gave us a group gift of 9 (count them NINE) sets of our flatware!

3. Melisa got her Bridesmaids dress, she looks gorgeous in it and we went shoe shopping too!

4. The honeymoon is coming together although still not 100% booked. I'll announce when it is.

5. Our menu is set and it is awesome. If you have decided not to come to our wedding you are dumb, cause I am serving some awesome food.

6. Necklace number 2 came (the one with the flower). It is already in the mail back to it's maker. Not right, even though it was the overwhelming winner. Sorry. I'll post pictures soon!

7. We decided on readings. And 2 out of 3 readers. Anyone like to speak in public?

Friday, August 22, 2008

A traditional element

I am of Scottish heritage. I have great pride in being a Scot. I have part of my families crest tattooed on my hip (don't tell my mom!). I wear my tartan proudly. I don't recognize the Queen. All important elements of being Scotch-American.

I've mentioned before how my bouquet will be wrapped in my families tartan. My uncle who will be performing the ceremony will hopefully wear his kilt as I've requested.

But the creme de la creme of being Scottish: bagpipes. I can't recall a family wedding that didn't include them. I love the sound of pipes, I feel more Scottish when listening to a piper. And tomorrow, I officially book my piper, not an easy task in Tucson, AZ!

It is details like this that fully sink in the magnitude of getting married. It is a tradition in my family that I have been aware of since my first family wedding at age 5. So all those fake weddings I planned in my head as a teenager- all included me walking with my husband to the sound of a piper. I've always known I would have a piper and to hire a man to play bagpipes at my wedding- whew. This is big.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


You know what's (almost) cooler than planning our honeymoon?

Getting to buy these for the honeymoon:

Or maybe these:
Or maybe both!

Wedding Nightmares

At the 8 month mark I started having horrible nightmares about the wedding, then I made a big push and got a bunch of stuff done and they went away. They were silly and stupid like me wearing purple underwear and everyone seeing it through my dress. Or ordering flowers moments before the ceremony. Or my dad forgetting to walk me down the aisle.

Well, the nightmares are back and now they are a bit more tangible- although still out there. Last night's dream entailed my beloved hair dresser, Jamie, joining the navy mere weeks before my wedding. The owner of the salon she works for Amy- refused to do my hair. I don't expect that Jamie will join the Navy, but I think the dream expresses my loss of control.

I feel like this wedding is a runaway train and I am trying to slow it down. There is so much more I want to do, but not that much time. I want to drop another 10 pounds, I want to save another $1000 dollars, I want to be more creative and add a few more details. I want to feel more control and I want the dreams to go away. Most of all I don't want Jamie to join the Navy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Necklace Debate 2008

So I ordered both. Both sellers on etsy only have a 3 day return policy, which won't allow me to wear them to the fitting, but I wanted to buy them before the disappeared, so...I should have them both by next week. I'll take pictures and we'll vote again! You can still vote for your favorite, poll is now at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paybacks are hell

I'm a great wedding guest. I'll cry during your ceremony, I'll dance with your uncle and your pimply cousin. I'll toast you sincerely and I'll enjoy the food.

I'm also THAT guest. I'm the guest that has sex in the women's restroom during the reception. I'm the guest that removes my underwear. I'm the guest that cons the bartender into giving me one more drink for the road. I'm the guest that organizes the round of tequila shots, that writes stupid messages in your guest book, who has been seen smoking a cigar and a cigarette at the same time, and who throws the after party. I'm the guest who on occasion has "borrowed" items from the venue only to never return them. I'm the guest that defies the 1 drink/hour guideline your bartender suggested to you.

Now, its payback time. All those brides and grooms from the weddings above will be in attendance at our wedding.

I know I've never ruined any one's wedding or embarrassed them (just myself). The bride and groom who hosted the wedding when I enjoyed the nookie thought it was hilarious and have offered that they will enjoy my wedding like me and Fi enjoyed theirs (more power to them)! One couple has said to me on many occasion that they hoped every guest enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed myself. So you see, there has been no love lost or any feelings hurt.

I really do hope that everyone enjoys themselves as much as I've enjoyed myself at countless weddings. It'll just be weird to be on the flip side...and who's to say my behavior will change once I'm the bride! ;)

Map of our invitations

I thought you might be interested, like me, to see the break down of where our wedding invitations went to.

The above map shows all the states that our invitations were delivered to (not shown: Russia). Here is a breakdown by number of invitations (not people):

Arizona: 33

Kansas: 9

California: 6

Texas: 5

Illinois: 4

every other state, plus DC: 1

So that's 18 states, one District and one international!

What's most striking to me is I lived in Michigan for 5 years (ages 8-13) and there is no one from MI invited. 13 is a hard age to hang on to long-distance friendships and my parents just weren't that close to anyone there. Most of our good friends live out of town too, so about half of the guests invitide from AZ are Fis famly and his parents friends.

I'm a very visual person, so it is fun to see where our invitations went to!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Opinions please!

Whats a girl to do when she can't decide on a wedding necklace? She turns to her readers...so opinions please! Which one?

From CarmenMonique's etsy.com shop. I love the layers and the texture..and this is kind of what I've had in mind all along, but significantly cheaper that Tiffany's version at $1600.

From JC Jewelry Design, also on etsy.com. Then along came this. Pretty. I love the bit of bling, the sense of sass. But will it slip all day long? Does it go with my wedding style? Something keeps drawing me back to it, it may be the price, under $50.

As a reminder...here are my pretty earrings from Perfect Details.

So what do you say? Use the poll feature at the top of the page...let the games begin!

An open letter to my guests

Dear invited guests,

By now you have received my beautiful invitation. Please take all the time you need to admire the beauty of the invitation. But you know that small little card? You know the one tucked into the envelope I addressed to myself and pre-stamped for you? Just fill out and drop it in the mail.

I made it really easy for you. I paid the postage on it. I already addressed it. You received a save the date from us in January, so I'm sure by now you've made up your mind if you can come. So just write in your name and let me know. Because right now we only have 8 people attending and that really sucks.

By the way, I appreciated the email/phone call/ facebook message you left telling me how effing awesome our invitations are (I know!) but that doesn't excuse you from mailing in the response card! So what do you say? I feed you an awesome meal, ply you with drinks for a weekend...but in exchange you pony up and mail me back my response card- NOW!

Thank you very much-
an impatient bride

(yes for those of you paying attention...its only been a week since I mailed the invitations, but I'm really impatient!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Retreat

Yesterday as I was at home twiddling my thumbs because I had a snow day from work, Fi calls me up with a plan.

Have you ever known someone who is a grand plan maker? Well that's my Fi. I would make a educated guess that only 38% of his plans actually come to fruition. And 95% of those only happen because of my pouting. Fi is a big thinker...always a has a plan to hike the Grand Canyon, or take a road trip to Baja, or to go see U2 in Dublin (we completed 2 out of three of those plans).

So when I hear that Fi has a plan, it is usually greeted by a "yeah right" from me. But yesterdays plan? It was grand.

We are going away this weekend! We are taking advantage of the 180 degree heat in Arizona and the hotel deals that come with it. We scored a suite at a resort in Scottsdale for $71/night! The plan for the weekend according to Fi is to research and book our honeymoon and to finalize some wedding details. Fi has now begun referring to this weekend as our "wedding retreat".

I am so impressed by this plan. Fi hasn't been an absent groom, but he hasn't been particularly hands-on either. A few of our wedding plans are his idea, so he is involved in the decision making and "vision" of our wedding. But for him to want to buckle down- to get away from the everyday- and focus on us and our wedding and honeymoon, well I'm in love with him a little bit more.

So I hope to report on Monday about our menu choices as well as our honeymoon! Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lifts and separates.

I am in love with a bra. I love it so much I just ordered 3 more.

I am well endowed and I hate buying bras. For a long time I was stuck in a rut at Victoria Secret. Although, not the worst bras out there, I would like a style, go back to get another and it would be discontinued, or worse, only be offered in a demi-cup. Well my cup runneth over and I need a full coverage bra.

A few years ago my bra broke at work, the underwire snapped. Luckily for me there was a lingerie store in the same complex. So I ran into the store and they helped me buy a new bra. It was one of those full-service lingerie stores. They fit you and not like Victoria Secret fit you, where they measure you. At this store, they go in the room with you and put you in the bra. They are professional and nice, but its still a little weird to be standing nude from the waist up in front of a lady old enough to be my grandma. I loved that bra. But I never went back, until about 3 weeks ago.

I walked in, same old ladies still working there. They fit me (nay dressed me) and I found the worlds best bra for me. It is a Lunaire bra, they only make bras for cup size C and bigger. I love style 13211 and it wears well under t-shirts. Unfortunately the store in town only carries "nude" color, so I ordered online the black and two white bras. At $32 each it is very affordable too, especially since Victoria Secret charges more money for bigger bras.

Many people at work asked if I had lost weight (I have) but the main difference I think is how well the bra lifts "the girls" up and supports me. My boobs are where they should be and not near my belly button anymore!

I just thought since I found a good thing, I'd share it with the blogging world.

Short Haired Brides Unite!

There was a discussion thread on Weddingbee the other day about lack of photos of short- haired brides, well I've collected a few, so I thought I'd put them out there! Hope this helps ladies! I have been a bad collector and haven't kept track of where I have found these photos (I know many were seen on A Practical Wedding), but if these photos are yours, I'll be happy to give you credit.

Two Short Haired Brides!

Love the simplicity, just a flower tucked behind the ear!

This is one half of a same sex couple from Brooklyn. Both rocked the short hair, sans veil. (As seen on Brooklyn Bride, images by Daniel Krieger)

Her is the other bride. Such a lovely couple!

I went that short once, very freeing! Love the birdcage!

Similar to my own wedding look, except she has much fuller hair! From brides.com

Again, from brides.com

Another birdcage, I love the look!

I hope this helps! I know there are a ton more short haired brides out there, you just gotta look somewhere other than the Knot for inspiration. Here is a link to a post on OffbeatBride with other photos of short styles (more alternative hairstyles).

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stop walking on eggshells!

I am finding that people are treating me differently. Close friends, family, co-workers. Am I putting off a vibe that exudes stress and frustration? Cause you know what? I am neither stressed or frustrated! Besides a few moments like Panic Attack Monday (which I fear will be a weekly feature), I AM okay.

I notice that people treat me with kid gloves (or is it kit?) and sooth me as though I am about to explode. THIS frustrates me. I am not a bridezilla, really I'm not. I feel like I spend all my time defending myself to my friends: I am not picky, I am not freaking out, I am not going to bite your head off. I receive words of encouragement and pep-talks, like something bad is happening to me. Unless you all are plotting against me...nothing bad is happening, something wonderful is!

The fact of the matter is, yes, I do get stressed easier than oh, say, a year ago but I am taking things in my own two hands. I am eating well, getting enough sleep. I am working out, practicing yoga again and focusing on things other than October 11th. I have always been the glass is half empty kind of gal, but I am working - putting serious effort into seeing that glass as half full. So don't bring me down. I am trying to mindful of others and how I speak, act or treat them.

So please, do the same for me. Take off the gloves, stop tip-toeing and start treating me like a human being again.

You want wedding porn? I'll give you wedding porn!

Invitations have hit the mail, so I'll finally share the photos with you! My invitation suite was designed by Miriam at LimoncelloSTYLE. She lovingly listened to my visions for the wedding and she honed in copper as a design element.

So without further ado, our invitations. I borrowed these images from the LimoncelloSTYLE blog, so that I wouldn't have to blur out personal info. Miriam already changed all those details (except for my first name, for which the design is named after!) for her use. So all photos by Miriam, courtesy of LimoncelloSTYLE, please credit her if you re-use them.

The whole shebang. Beautifully copper lined envelopes, invitations wrapped with copper wire and then backed with a yummy, sparkly paper, and the response cards with hand-drawn copper lines to reflect the invitation.

And a close up of all three pieces.

A close up of the invitation (names have been changed to protect the innocent!). I really love them. I love the touch, the feel, the added texture. The thickness is perfect and the green font of our names pulls in the kelly green accents and the bridesmaids dresses. I love the simplicity of the contrasting font.

I can't wait to see these in my mail box! For the envelope I used the same font for my address and then used a boring Liberty Bell stamp, but remember, I was born in Pennsylvania. Yes a stretch, but true none the less.

So, worth the wait, no? Do you love them as much as me?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pre Marriage Counseling

Fi and I are being married by my Uncle John, a Presbyterian minister for over 40 years. It is such an honor to have him marry us. For one, he has participated in my parents and my siblings weddings. He also participated in his own children's weddings, and I am the last to get married of that generation. Secondly, Fi is not of a faith, however, he feels very comfortable with my Uncle John and his style. Uncle John did ask Fi and I to go through pre-marriage counseling if we wanted him to participate. So today we went to our first session.

I have been attending a Presbyterian church in town, and found a Pastor that is cool and that I like. Pastor Steve agreed to help us along with our counseling and any ceremony planning too. So today we met with Steve. Steve is cool and comfortable and I think Fi liked him well enough. We chit-chatted a bit and then got down to business. We took a test, we had to fill in bubbles and everything. We took a test from Prepare-Enrich to start with.

160 questions about finances, sexual issues, spirituality, family planning, our families, feelings, how we fight, how we make up...Fi and I both chuckled at the end because we haven't discussed finances. We have, but we have no plan for after we are married: joint accounts, separate? We haven't a clue. So at least the test pointed that out!

So Steve will mail in our tests and after a few weeks (ACT flash backs!) we'll get our results. We will go in to meet with Steve and discuss the test and how we "scored". Hopefully, if things are all good, we'll be done in a few sessions.

One thing I observed while taking the test is that how far Fi and I have come. There were a few "division of labor" questions regarding household chores and future parenting. Fi and I have been together for over 5 years and have lived together for 4. So we have already divided our labor. Fi does the kitchen, I clean the bathroom and vacuum and together we keep clutter down and do laundry. We split cooking evenly throughout the week. I coach on Tuesdays and have track on Wednesdays- he makes dinner. When Fi is in school, I pull a heavier load because his educational pursuits are important to me.

Same with the spirituality questions. I have faith. I'm not sure how to explain my views or beliefs beyond that. I have faith and I appreciate the sacred. Fi doesn't have faith and to his credit isn't false about it. We had a moment, maybe 3 years ago that will always stay in my memory. We were sitting on the back porch looking at the gorgeous sunset over the Catalina Mountain range which is our backyard. I said something like "looking at this makes me believe in a god, in a higher power" I was blown away by the beauty of it all. Fi looked at me, I mean really looked at me and said "you have faith. I do not". And that was it. That defined our differences. Since we were able to find our differences, we are able to come to an understanding. So when I came to a question about our faith differences, I knew we were okay.

Early this morning I read a post by my favorite non-wedding blogger Golightly about engagement envy. I had it bad. We've seen 6 couples meet, begin a relationship and get married in our 5 years together. I always wondered about how people viewed me. They always say when you know, you know. And we did. We knew that we are meant together for a long time. We never broke up and we continue to grow. But as I took this test this morning, evaluating us- our relationship...I learned that right now is our time to get married. We've figured out our chores, we figured out our faith differences. We know how to fight and lord have mercy we know how to love each other.

I walked into this pre-marriage counseling unsure and kind of annoyed by the task. But shoot, after 1 session, I am hooked. More importantly I am confident in my relationship and love for my Fi. That's a nice reminder 60 days before the wedding!

Note: A funny side note. After our session, I took my engagement ring and wedding ring in to be appraised (finally). So I came back to work with no ring on. My co-worker freaked out and yelled "after one session you broke it off!?!" :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Panic Attack Monday

It is two months to the wedding.
I mailed my invitations today.
These two nuggets combined equal Panic Attack Monday.

Let us focus on some positives:
I have lost 6 pounds!
I have all but 3 invitations mailed (photos this week, I promise!)
I have all my table decorations made!
We are making progress on our honeymoon planning (take 2).
I get to watch Michael Phelps every night.
I did 55 push-ups this morning.
I had a relaxing, non-wedding related dinner with my running pals last night.
I had a wonderful phone call with my mom this morning.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Im in love with a blog

Its not really my style to advertise other blogs. We all know my (waning) love for weddingbee (i miss the old school bees) and I have my nice little compact blog roll to the left. But compared to most bridal blogs, my roll is small. As I find new blogs I love, I add them to my roll and I would highly recommend any of those blogs to any new bride. But there is one new-to-me blog that blows me away. So much so, I am posting about it!

Emerson and Michael are having a wedding (same day as me) just because. Their love isn't recognized by our nation, but they are throwing a "kick-ass party" to celebrate. Their post "Why Get Married" should be required reading for every heterosexual couple fighting over colors, guest lists and in-laws. They have reminded me of the importance of this tradition and why after 5 years, it is important for Fi and I to recognize our love and commitment.

I know there will be those of you out there that disagree with Emerson and Michael and their lifestyle. You will disagree with me about loving their blog or accepting their union. I am not asking you for approval or for your dissent. I am just sharing with you a blog that inspires me.

As brides we often look to other blogs for inspiration about escort cards, centerpieces, favors and style. Isn't it time we start looking to each other for inspiration on life and love? I think so. And when I need that inspiration, especially as these next two months fly past me in a blur of activity and tears, I know that I will look to Emerson and Michael and remember why I'm getting married.

Whats happening?

Not a whole lot, but a bunch!

This weekend is the (maybe) last flower making weekend with Jenn and Mel. We have made almost 200 flowers and this weekend we'll knock out another 50 or so. However, the main purpose of the weekend is to assemble and mail the invitations.

These two ladies have hand addressed 75 envelopes for me! In between work, running, business trips, and my demands on their time...they have all the envelopes done! (save for the 4 pesky addresses were a waiting on) So while they have been addressing, I have labeled the response card envelopes with my address on clear labels using the same font from the invitation and stamped those. I have also hand written numbers in pencil on the back of the response card itself, just in case some one forgets to put their name! Tomorrow we will make note of which number goes to which person, stuff the beautifully handwritten envelopes, stamp them and I'll take them to the post office and maybe they'll let me hand cancel them!

They should be arriving in peoples mail boxes early next week! sheesh. I'll post pictures next week once the invitations have reached our guests.

I've been working on an escort card idea, and plan to unveil it to the girls tomorrow for their approval or ideas.

This weekend, my future in-laws will be in town. Fi and his dad will be going to rent their tuxes tomorrow morning. Fi's dad has never worn a tux, so this will be an adventure for him!

I'll be back Monday with some photos and updates! Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Changing of the Guard

When we decided to have a wedding party, my dear Fi stepped up and said he would like to ask my two brothers to be groomsmen for him. My heart melted a little bit more that day. How awesome right? His sister is standing up for me, my brothers standing up for him...touching, tender and a nice statement to how our families have grown together.

But (there is always a but, right?) due to some strange family dynamics and issues I will not go into here, my middle brother and I have not spoken for the last 8 months.

He and his family may not come to the wedding and I am okay (really!) either way. My issue is that it took him EIGHT months to tell my Fi that he won't be in the wedding party. Yes, we knew it was a possibility and most likely, but come on, have some guts and be a man. Anyways, after a handful of email exchanges with Fi my middle brother has "stepped down" from his post.

Fi took it really hard. He feels that by middle brother stepping down it is a reflection on him. He feels like people will question why one of my brothers is up there and the other isn't or isn't even in attendance. He wasn't comfortable having 2 guys on one side and three gals on the other (even though all us readers of wedding blogs know its okay and common!) so he felt embarrassed to have to ask someone to step in and participate. These are his feelings and I recognize them, but I do not feel them and couldn't fix them. So for a week or so, we have been struggling with this.

Then last night at dinner we had a breakthrough. Fi said, "so how would you feel if I asked B to be a groomsman?" I said I thought it would be awesome.

The thing is that we had lost control over our wedding and ourselves. We lost control over a detail that had been well thought-out and important to the both of us. We had to grieve through that. We may never fully understand or accept why my brother has done what he is doing. I may always look back at my wedding day and be sad my brother didn't come (or maybe be sad that he did show up). But together, Fi and I got there and we are okay. It was a test to seeing ourselves as a team instead of "my family" or "his family".

So we will not have the wedding party we had bargained for, we won't have the wedding exactly as we planned it, but slowly we are remembering that it doesn't matter, as long as we are together.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Its my wedding and I'll cry if I want to.

I feel like something has shifted in my chemistry (no I'm not pregnant).
I cry daily.
Sometimes several times a day.
I cried over Linda's wonderful post today. I cried over an email I got from Fi and from his mother. I cry over happy things, frustrating things, silly things. I cry when I hear a song I want played at my wedding. I cried because I just saved us $300 on one of our wedding day surprises. I cry over finances, my dress, my weight. I cry over Fi's frustrations and the issues with our wedding party. I cry over the joy of seeing my best friend in Tucson (she's never been). I cry when I look at rehearsal dinner dresses, my gorgeous hand-made flowers, or my invitations. I cry when I talk to my mom or when I don't talk to my mom. I cry when I think about dancing with my dad. I cry when I think about all we have to do yet. I cry when I find out loved ones can't make the wedding. I cry because I cry too much. I cry when I blog. I cried when I found that picture.

What is it with planning this wedding that has made me such a crybaby?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

100 push-ups week one

I finished week one of the Hundred Push-up challenge! In one week I did 104 push-ups (28 on day 1, 35 day 2 and 41 day 3). Yesterdays work-out was tough, having to do 10 push-ups in one rep, but Fi was there watching my form and was very impressed by my 41 push-ups!

I feel a difference in my arm strength and hope to see some visual results soon too! Hope everyone else participating had a good first week as well! Wednesday I officially start week 2!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Weight Weight, don't tell me!

So if you've read this blog for a while you know I tried to do a weekly weight update column, then I got discouraged, so I stopped writing it. Well, just cause I stopped updating you guys, didn't mean I stopped trying to drop pounds.

I got some advice from the calorie counting obsessed Jenna, the most profound advice being to think of having a calorie bank account. In her words: Your caloric intake is a like a bank account. When you have money, there are no rules about what you can spend it on, just the rule that if you spend more money than you have, you will incur a fee. It's the same idea with food. Thus, you can eat whatever you want. Brilliant, right!

I also attended a nutritional clinic specific to runners. Because I run 3-4 times a week for an average of 15 miles (and growing) I have to fuel differently than a sedentary person, or even some one who is active, but not running for 75 minutes at a time. The nutritionist also had us think about our hunger and fullness levels in a different way, a way that has worked for me. Think of your hunger on a scale of 1-10. One being starving and 10 being Thanksgiving stuffed. On the scale she recommended that one not get below a 3 in hunger and not above a 7 on the full end. I have tried to follow this at every meal. Sometimes this means leaving half a meal untouched (leftovers!) or being finished eating before everyone else at the table. I have also adopted a few of her other guidelines: no artificial ingredients and more veggies and fruit.

The final bit of advice I received from that clinic that I have whole heartedly adopted is don't measure your weight loss success by pounds alone. Look at inches, measure how you feel, think about energy levels, etc. This hasn't been easy since we are brain-washed to believe that 120 pounds at 5'2" is ideal and until I weigh that I've failed. Well, I will never weigh 120.

Results? You betcha! It has been 4 weeks since the clinic, Jenna's advice and my new way of thinking and I have lost 5 pounds. Today wasn't a great day on the scale, so instead I measured myself. In 3 weeks I have lost 6.5 inches! Awesome, right!? These food guidelines, coupled with running, weight lifting, yoga and my new 100 push-ups challenge will help me not only look good for the wedding, but hopefully stay sane!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh brother

I am knee-deep in invitation stuff. My pals Jenn & Mel are addressing invitations and they are being sent out soon.

So as a "heads-up" I emailed my mom and my FMIL a week or two ago with maybe too passive of an email. I let them know invitations had arrived and my girls were ready to roll out their pretty handwriting. Translation: LAST CALL for address changes.

My mom took the hint, she made one change and bamm, bride's side done. FMIL did not take my subtle hints. I emailed her today with a clarification question and I get 2 address changes back and (ready for it?!) and additional guest! A family of four. Uh uh. No way.

Luckily, the envelops hadn't been done for those few changes, so no harm no foul. But FOUR more people? I very politely reminded her that Fi won't be back till this weekend and we'll have to look at our already tight guest list to see if there is room.

The part that irks me the most, is the reasoning behind inviting them. Apparently Fi mentioned to them we were getting married. He did not invite them verbally, he did not commit, he didn't even hint. Following her logic, all you readers must now be invited. And all my co-workers and my pedicurist and my entire running group, and heck my favorite checker at the grocery store cause sometimes I buy bridal magazines and she compliments my ring.

All I can say is "Oh brother".