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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet Husband

On Saturday, D$ and I were traveling north to Phoenix and had a great conversation. We were planning some meals and ideas for my parents visit on Wednesday.

He paused and said to me: I'm really happy your parents are coming, I didn't realize how much I missed them.


This means the world to me. My parents mean the world to me. I am really close with both of them, and we are friends. Second to D$, they are the people I want to share with first.

I am more excited for their visit because of this! Sweet husband indeed!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Winds of change

Can you feel it? Things are changing around here...so get ready!

Edit 3/17: Nope I am not pregnant, not even trying.


Yikes, we traveled yesterday this weekend and the poem slipped my mind as we didn't get home till late.

This we, I don't have a poem of my own, but rather will share with you MY favorite poem ever.

I have a really strange sense of memory, I never forget a face (or rarely a name) but I can't memorize lines, quotes or verses. For one exception, this poem. I heard it before I read it. The world's worst Poetry professor ever read it, nay performed it for us on the first day of class. Let me remind you, that I was a creative writing major at an Agricultural/Architectural hub. So, there were like 10 of us in class. It was the first day and the professor (who is still "teaching" uggh) got up and recited this to us with such passion and force, I will never forget that moment. Unfortunately, that was the best day of class.

Anywhoo without further ado:

The Lady's First Song by William Butler Yeats

I turn round
Like a dumb beast in a show.
Neither know what I am
Nor where I go,
My language beaten
Into one name;
I am in love
And that is my shame.
What hurts the soul
My soul adores,
No better than a beast
Upon all fours.

Ah, soothes my soul. Whats your favorite poem?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little things

I was on my way home from work yesterday. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, flowers blooming and I had full intentions to go to the gym.

Then I turned into the shopping center, the one with the over priced pedicures. And I paid too much for a woman to massage my feet and gams for an hour. And paint them fire engine red. And be delicate with my still broken tootsie.

That was way better than working out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poem-a-week 5

This little venture of mine is proving harder than I imagined....I'm out of practice of a) writing poetry and b) blogging...but I keep at it.

"Sunday I"

A rumble from the next room-
rhythmic clink and clanks lull my senses
offer me the cadence of a familiar song or praise.

The clink and clanks change,
pricking my ears.
The rhythm quickens,
then disappears
only to fall back into line for a few more moments
soothing me again.

Abruptly, the buzzer sounds.
I go
open the door and remove the contents.
Buttons hot.
A sock still damp as it was turned into itself
perhaps, the heat was too intense for the sock?

A mash of arms, legs, waists and torsos
shaken out onto the bed.
They wait to be lined up,
put away
worn again.

Next Sunday,
next laundry day-
the rumble will begin again.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

ton of bricks

I was sitting eating my lunch (curried chicken salad on mulitgrain) and a man walked into the restaurant. We smiled at each other and then I remembered (and he did too) that we had dated. For like a month. And I had no idea of his name.

I moved to Tucson in August 2001. I started dating D$ in May 2003. That means I had 16 months of other relationships and dates and flings in Tucson. And I can NOT for the life of me remember any one of them (okay ONE, but he was a dick and there was law enforcement involved, yadda yadda).

So my mystery date and I said hello and he called me Jenny (which is a sure sign it wasn't a great month, as no one calls me Jenny) and we caught up for a second. Well, as much as you can catch up with a man you dated AT least 6 years ago for a month and whose name you still can't recall.

But more importantly, this encounter made me recognize how complete things are with D$. There is no regrets about the one who got away, Tucson or life before the move here. No second guessing after the wedding, or before. D$ and I are good...and not that I've doubted that- but by running into a man I dated at least 6 years ago and not remembering a detail about our courtship kind of seals the deal.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4th

Advice for today: 'March Forth!'

Today isn't just another day.
It's not just another work day or school day or sick day or
"American Idol" day.
Check out the calendar, and consider it an order:
It's March 4th.

So...March Forth! The date is also a command.
A verb.
The only day of the year that literally compels you to action: March forth!
Consider it your personal holiday - use the date to encourage everyone you meet to:

Dream big.
Fly high.
Be spontaneous.
Start now.
Do or learn something new.
Forget past disappointments.
Start a new chapter in your life - TODAY
March Forth!

Bring cookies to work, buy flowers for friends, send cards and e-mails to friends around the world -- people's faces and hearts will light up.
Throw an impromptu dinner party – use the “good stuff” - china, fine linens and silver.
Ditch the NordicTrack and take an old-fashioned hike -- breathe deeply, enjoy the scenery.
Don’t sleep indoors – camp out on the lawn.
Skip the shower – take a bubble bath.
Turn off the TV – read a book.

It's a wonderful thing, starting over Marching Forth.
Seize the day.
Today, at least, forget the past.
Have fun. Do something new. Amaze yourself, and

What are you doing today? As we haven't turned on the tv all week- I think we'll keep that going tonight- and since my foot is on the mend, I plan on making my hubby literally March Forth with me, a walk in our neighborhood canyon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I used to have an awesome container garden. Cherry Tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, flowers and lots of lots of native plants to attract humming birds. It was A LOT of work. It is hard in the SW to keep a garden without a drip irrigation system, and apartment living usually doesn't come with a hose to do just that. So I would water in the morning, run home for lunch, and water again in the evening. Then if we went out of town, well...I just gave up.

A few weeks ago I was at a friends after a run (sigh) and she had this amazing plant stand, just what ever container gardener needs. I inquired, she said her husband made it and I could have it! (She had requested a different design, so by giving it to me, she was giving him a chance to re-do it).

So on Saturday I went and picked it up, then headed straight for the nursery to buy some new plants. Here are some results!

The whole stand!

My top two pots. On the left is a native "ice plant" it will begin to creep down the pot! The right, a non-native pretty flower!

I've had this blue-iron Lizard for years, he found a new home creeping up the stand. The stand is untreated, so it will continue to have this lovely rust color!

I need to move on plant into fuller sun, so I will be going to get two more plants this weekend! Yay plants!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Poem-a-week 4

Crap, I forgot to post this yesterday, although I did have it composed.

It's an ode..an ode to my toe:

I can not walk or run
I can't hike or bike
All activities I think fun
all the sports I really like.

My toe slows me down
I have to put all pressure on my heel
Making it hard to get around
walking, standing, crouching or kneel.

All my fun in the sun
is now limited to sitting
I miss my morning runs
and how my clothes were loose fitting.

I wish you well
dear toe of mine
its a matter of time
and I'll be fine.

(see I didn't promise good, just a poem!)