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Friday, October 31, 2008

A few of my favorite things, part 1

At the rehearsal dinner, my family gave a few toasts. The most memorable for me, was the toast given by my dad.

He and I share a bond, a strong love for each other. He exposed me to music, writing, poetry, love of the arts, food and most of all sports. We share a passion for Shakespeare, so when he paraphrased from King Lear I wasn't too surprised.

I wrote a mini-thesis in college about King Lear, and my father and I discussed it daily. I compared myself to Cordelia (the youngest, favorite child- without the incestial overtones) and he, my King Lear.

My father, in his toast, paraphrased Act V, scene 3 when Lear tries to talk Cordelia out of marrying:

so we'll live, And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues Talk of court news; and we'll talk with them too,-- Who loses and who wins; who's in, who's out;-- And take upon's the mystery of things, As if we were God's spies

My dad said to me that he can not ask this of me, because he sees how happy I am with my man. For a moment, I thought of dumping Fi and running off with my dad.

On a funny note, Megan Fox of Transformers fame, stayed in the room my parents had, just the night before...and she has the gilded butterfly quote tatooed on her back. How about that?! My dad is still telling people that he shred a bed with Megan Fox (hangs head).

wedding recap

Our pal Ben, who stood up for my man left this recap of our wedding on his blog. Hilarious.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

From honeymooner to house wife in 2 hours

We are home. Lovely, lovely time indeed. I am so overwhelmed I don't know where to begin. Jenn did a fantastic job recapping for me! At the time, I was upset with my florist and pissed off at a few people (escort cards are not a suggestion people) but even in the moment I was calm (I think). I couldn't be happier with the final product, I am so amazed that it just came together. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from friends and family, its been so nice.

My only regret? I had nothing borrowed. I had a few people who were supposed to be bringing me back up old, blue, and borrowed stuff. But I never had anything borrowed. So I can either give back a handkerchief that was my something old, or stretch and say that my make up was borrowed, even though I paid for the service.

The honeymoon? awesome. It took a couple days (or weeks) for me to learn how to let go again. My Dear Husband (DH) woke up every morning in Costa Rica with me saying "so today should we boogie board first, or should we walk on the beach first? Which way should we walk? To Playa Langosta or into Tamirindo? Should I have mango today or papaya?" I was annoyed with my need to plan and make order, I'm sure he was ready to slap me. But as the tide rolled in, and time washed over me, I finally let go.

As I get settled into real life again, read my 477 items in google reader and finish laundry I'll be back with some recapping of my own!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reception: Part 2

Shortly after the Father-Daughter Dance, El Guero Canelo Sonoran hot dog stand arrived, and a mild form of chaos ensued. You would think the guests hadn't just eaten a full dinner and desserts the way a line formed at the back gate of the Z!

(courtesy of Peggy Hazard)

And, as it if were planned or something :), the Mariachi band arrived and started playing! The festivities just kept going, and it was like a second wind had taken over everyone in attendance!

(courtesy of Amy Hughey)

And what's a wedding reception without a little dancing?

(Courtesy of Todd Tosseth)

All in all, the wedding was exactly what I think a wedding really should be. It was about the couple sharing their special moment with family and friends. It was about the couple celebrating how far they've come, while still looking out into the future for what is yet to come. And it was a damn good party!!

I'm so glad that I met Jennifer, and was able to be such a big part of her wedding! It truly was such a wonderful weekend, and I hope I got all the important things across during the last few weeks as "guest blogger." :)

Thanks for reading these posts, and I'll be handing this back over to Jennifer, who should be back at it very soon! To those brides who are still working your way up to the Big Day, congratulations and good luck!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let the party begin!

By the time the couple re-emerged from the photo shoots, the guests were seated at their respective tables. And speaking of tables...

(courtesy of Peggy Hazard)

(courtesy of Peggy Hazard)

The tables were fabulous, don't you think? Of course, I'm a bit biased since the centerpieces were a third my doing. :) Jennifer and her groom made their rounds during dinner, which was a delicious buffet catered by Blue House

"Sole Sisters": Jennifer with fellow runners (courtesy of yours truly)

Following the dinner, of course, were the Mexican pastries from La Estrella Bakery. Various empanadas, conches, and Mexican wedding cookies were spread out on the dessert table topped with more of the paper flowers we arranged, and the Day of the Dead cake-topper that she and her groom picked up in Mexico.

Father-Daughter Dance (courtesy of Amy Hughey)

Ahh, and then the Father-Daughter dance.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Post-Ceremony Photos

[Note: All photos in this post are courtesy of Chris Richards]

Immediately following the ceremony, the guests followed the couple out to the front of the Z, where the photographer took a big group picture of everyone. I'm still amazed at what a wide-angle lens can do!


Next, while the guests mingled at a cocktail hour by the bar with delicious hors d'oeuvres, the ceremony site was converted into a reception site, and the newlyweds, bridal party, and family members went off to take another round of portraits. And what a delightful round of portraits they were!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ceremony

The guests were seated. The mothers walked to their seats with small bouquets. The debonair groomsmen and groom took their places next to Jennifer's uncle who officiated. The bridesmaids in their gorgeous kelly green dresses walked down the aisle and took their places. The beyond-adorable flowergirl smiled on her walk up to join the bridesmaids.

The Father and the Bride (courtesy of Chris Richards)

And a stunning bride descended the stairs from the balcony, arm in arm with her father. To be honest, I don't remember much of their walk past me down the aisle as I was busy wiping away tears and trying to stifle my sniffles.

During the ceremony (courtesy of Chris Richards)

The ceremony was poignant and wonderful. Various readings were made by one of the groom's uncles, Jennifer's sister-in-law, and Mel. I could feel the love and fond memories coming from each of the readers as well as the officiant, who also officiated at both of Jennifer's older brothers' weddings. There was laughter, there were tears. There were vows, and then there was a marriage.

Woo hoo! (courtesy of Chris Richards)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures Worth Thousands of Words

In order to enjoy as much of their own cocktail hour and reception as possible, the bride and groom opted to take many of their portraits and other photos before the ceremony. It also helped with the lighting, since the ceremony started at 5 pm, and the sun sets here around 6 these days.

The Groomsmen, led by the Groom (courtesy of Chris Richards)

Next, it was off to the Tucson Meet Yourself festival, happening just over a block away from the Z. This festival was the reason the couple couldn't get married at their favorite Tucson building, the Courthouse, so it was apropos that they went and took some pictures there, amidst the crowds, food, and the beauty that is their beloved Tucson.

The Bride and Groom (courtesy of Chris Richards)

Smooches in Presidio Park (courtesy of yours truly)

On our walk back to the Z, we heard the bagpiper warming up. This was it -- it's time to get married!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I inturrupt this guest blogging

I know, I know! I am on my HONEYMOON for goshdarnits...but I can´t stay away!

Costa Rica so far is lovely, even though we are beeing pounded by two hurrican systems, everyone assures us, tomorrow it´ll be beautiful. I off for a massage today and hopefully a walk on the beach!

Adios Amigas!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting Ready

The Big Day started ominously cloudy, with rain throughout the morning and early afternoon, all around Tucson. As scheduled, the ladies in the bridal party as well as Jennifer's mom met at Essenza Salon at 11:30 to get spruced up.

The bride at Essenza Salon (courtesy of yours truly)

After Jennifer was ready -- looking gorgeous already with her hair and makeup done, her veil in her hair, and wearing one of her dad's button-up shirts -- I drove her to the Z to start settling in and getting ready for pictures at 2. On our way downtown, it started to sprinkle. While we were in the Bride's Room after the rest of the bridesmaids showed up, it started to pour. The owners of the Z came in and gave a quick weather report, and a summary of what would be done if the rain was here to stay.

(courtesy of yours truly)

After Mel and I got Jennifer all snug in her beautiful wedding dress, the rest of us got ready, and the photographer started snapping away!

Pretty Bridesmaids, and adorable Flowergirl! (courtesy of yours truly)

While Jennifer got some bride portraits taken, the girls helped me get some odds and ends done, like laying out the escort cards and guest book.

Escort cards, alphabetized by Jaime, beautifully arranged by Amy. (courtesy of Amy Hughey)

Family photos honoring those who could not make it to the wedding (courtesy of Amy Hughey)

The flowers were delivered, and they were gorgeous. Jennifer's bouquet in particular was special. Cream colored roses, succulents, and wrapped in Buchanan family plaid -- it was truly unique.

Beautiful Bride's Bouquet (courtesy of yours truly)

By this time, the sun was out, and the streets were drying up. Things were getting set-up out in the courtyard as an outdoor wedding. Everything was back on schedule and in plan!

Let's Start at the Beginning

First of all, I am very happy to announce that the photographer sent a few teaser photos to Jennifer, and she forwarded them on to me so that I can share them with you, her beloved readers! Yes, she forwarded them from Costa Rica. Yes, I told her to get back to her honeymoon already. Anyway, some/most of these pictures will make it into the blog in the near future, so that's exciting! :)

So I'll do this in parts, starting with, well, the beginning. :) And for all intents and purposes, that was the day before the wedding: Friday, October 10th, 2008.

The rehearsal was held at the Z at 11 am, and everything went smoothly. It was a beautiful Tucson day. The owner of the Z gave us a few guidelines and schedules, and the bridal party ran through what they were going to be doing on the big day. But you know all that, since most of you are fellow wedding bloggers, right? :)

Following the rehearsal, the ladies of the bridal party (plus yours truly :)) were invited out for a Ladies Lunch at Pastiche in Tucson. What a wonderful lunch, and wonderful company!

Then, most of us went our separate ways, some of us to go get manis, others to go rest up for the rehearsal dinner, which was at El Charro in downtown Tucson, right across from the Z!

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic: fantastic food, fantastic people, fantastic toasts, fantastic evening. It was nice for the couple to spend some time with family and close friends before the wedding, and for the extended families to meet and mingle.

This picture just may be the last picture of the couple before they tied the knot -- and what a great picture this is! I think their smiles exude their excitement of what's next: The Wedding!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hi, everyone! I'm Jennifer's friend Jenn, and as she has already mentioned, I will be here as her guest blogger while she and her new hubby are traipsing around Costa Rica for the next two weeks, as well as the following week, while they explore San Francisco! I'm a little nervous about the hype Jennifer has built up, but I'll do my best. ;)

A little bit about my relationship to Jennifer: I met her through a women's beginner running class here in Tucson in January '07. I think she's mentioned that she coaches a running class once a week now -- that's the same class! We now coach it together, which is very cool. I don't know how many miles we've run together by now... thousands?... but every mile has been memorable with her! After she got engaged shortly after we met, talk naturally gravitated towards wedding planning, which I was eager to help out with. And of course, that culminated in this past weekend's festivities! I was very honored to have gotten to share all of the bridal party fun and help out on the day of the wedding as an informal coordinator. It was a fantastic wedding!!

Anyway, I just wanted to put up a quick post to let you all know that I'm here, and excited to do some guest blogging for Jennifer. I don't have any pictures from the photographer or anything, but do plan on dishing out all sorts of information on the wedding weekend throughout the next few weeks, complete with pictures that her bridesmaids and I took! Sorry for the short posting for now. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I did it.

There was crying, there were Sonoran hot dogs as a late night snack, there was a wedding crasher and it was the best. day. ever.

I'm hoping I get a few teasers from my photographer tonight or tomorrow- but until then- here is this photo courtesy of Jenn.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm getting Married today!


I've been up since 4:30- just awake and thinking. I hope I can make it through the day. My love for Fi has not waivered and I have not questioned it once during this process- but man am I a bundle of nerves today.

I'm not sure if I am hungry or nauseous. I am sleepy but can't go back to sleep. I keep trying to convince myself that today is any other day, but my stomach is not agreeing.

I know what I am doing today is not unique. Society has given us this tradition and I am playing my role. That role is so ingrained in me, that if necessary I can just act it out. But I want to be present and I want to be calm and I want my stomach to help me out a bit.

So in a few moments I am going to put on my running clothes and meet my dad for a jog. Then he and I will meet up with my mom and go have breakfast together. Then the day begins.

I'll see you on the other side!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guest Blogger!

You all remember Jenn right? Well she has agreed to do a bit of guest blogging while I'm away for 3 weeks! I'm going to leave the posts up to her, but hopefully she'll be able to share some details and some photos with you all until I get back.

We leave for our honeymoon on Tuesday and I know our fabulous photographer sent Ellie some teaser shots the next day, so hopefully I'll have a few of those to post as well!

I'm sure you will welcome her and I can't wait to read what she has to say about my day (no pressure)! She is a great voice to have fill in while I'm gone too, because she has helped with this planning every step of the way.

Thanks Jenn!

Wedding Twins unite!

Before I forget- I want to give a shout out to my wedding twins!

Emerson and Michael, may your wedding be the love inspired, fun weekend you have planned ofr it to be. I can't wait to read how the music turned out, how your hand selected beer was received, what Michael decided to have engraved on Emerson's ring and to see all the pictures!

Jenna- my wedding twin with the mostess! I wish you and That groom years of happiness together. And look at us now! Two ringless brides planning a wedding that will happen on Saturday! I can't wait to see all your details pulled together, your style and enthusiasm are unmatched in the bridal blog world. May your multi-part celebrations be wonderful, the temple service, your ring ceremony, reception AND home town reception!

In a weird way, I am as excited for my e-friends as Iam for myself. It is a wonderful bond we share, my wedding twins, to have followed the same idea and here we are throwing 3 wildly different weddings. But in the end, it all comes back to love.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Turn?

My oldest brother, his wife and my niece travel to see us once a year. They live in DC, so every February or March they head out to spend some time with us in the sun.

So today I left work (for THREE weeks) and stopped by the hotel my brother's family is staying to say hello. I went to the pool to see them, stuck my feet in the hot tub; just like i did in March and February 2007 and March 2006- all the way back to February 2002.

So right now- it feels like a visit from my brother- not my wedding. The came over, my niece fell asleep in my bed and my brother, SIL, fi and I drained a few bottles. Same old same old.

When is it going to feel real? When's it going to feel like my wedding?

While I have a minute

Reflection comes easy these days. I am often pondering my friendships, my support and of course my love for my man. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am honored by my e-friends.

When I started this blog in January, I sent the link to two friends, and then to one more and then some of you found me. I started it for me, as most blogs should be started, to have place to reflect, rant and ramble off ideas. You all have supported, inspired, laughed and e-loved me.

If it were not for this community I have formed, for this outlet I have because of this blog and help I have received from other bloggers, I think I'd be lost!

So from my humble little blog to you...thanks for all the support on this journey!

ps- I am going to try to get a few more posts in before Saturday, so this isn't the last of me! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Do we not know what we don't know?

We are okay.

We bought some more liquor and sparkling water tonight.

I just purchased a wedding gift for my Fi.

But I am afraid we are forgetting something. We confirmed with our vendors, we have checks ready to hand out, honeymoon reservations have been confirmed.

So what are we forgetting? I know it is my nature to fret and wait for the other shoe to drop, and for a worrier, a wedding is filled with things to worry over.

The bright side? My wonderful SIL booked us for massages on Thursday. Good thing too as my right shoulder is hard as a rock with tension.


We live in the desert. We are lucky to get 10 inches of rain a year and in October we are lucky if we get an inch. So planning an outdoor wedding in Tucson SHOULD be a safe bet, no?

Our ceremony and reception is outdoors.

Currently the weather sites all give us a 30% chance of rain before 7pm. That blows. Big time.

I know we are still 5 days out, but PLEASE rain, rain go away. Come back on Sunday.

Pre Marriage Counseling

We finished our counseling...and I believe I can speak for Fi and myself that is was helpful.

I'm not sure that we learned anything new or profound, but it was really just nice.

We had previously taken a test and we learned that we are VERY compatible in many ways, and where we differed, there was at least a sign of respect towards each other.

We walked away with homework.
1. To remember that we chose each other.
2. To not assume.
3. To offer respect to each other.

See- not THAT groundbreaking, but nice, no? What a nice reminder that we are good together and that we need to focus on that.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


We've all read them...you know those GAzillion articles and wedding checklists reminding you to get your hair color/cut/facials/waxing a week before your wedding.

Well I implore, nay beg you, to follow the rules.

May my right eyebrow be a lesson to us all.

Friday I had my hair color and cut with my hair dresser extraordinaire. I also had a brow shaping with my usual waxer.

Well the wax was a bit hotter than usual and I have a burn above my right eye. Today looks a lot better today than yesterday and yesterday looked better than Friday. I am confident my eye will heal and there will be but a trace of a burn if anything by Saturday.

But had I not followed the rules...I'd be in a bit of a pickle for the wedding.

A word about---football.

I KNOW I have a few readers who are football fans themselves, so they'll understand.

We planned our wedding in the heart of college football season. We coordinated so that our "home" team was away (ie more hotel rooms, ease for our guests, season ticket holders were sure to attend) and that my alma mater was away as well. A bye week would have been preferable, but we lucked out that MY NFL team has a bye.

But now here we are a week away, home from a HUGE win for our home team and I thought of this: next week my team plays A&M. At MY wedding we will have 4 A& M grads. MY team better win, or I may have to ask all those guests to leave.

I again know, my football lovers will understand..and of course, I WONT really kick them out, but sheesh, that will stink if they win and shove it down my throat at MY wedding.

Maybe we should have planned the wedding for June...neutral territory.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tips for making your table assignments easy.

1. Know that it will not be easy.
2. Spend way too much time trying to get it done by yourself before yelling at your Fi to help.
3. Ignore the task for a week.
4. Dedicate an evening to it, knowing full well, it will only take a few minutes, how hard could it be!
5. Have fi bring home a bottle of champagne (as a surprise) and drain it of its contents while moving people around.
6. Stand over your dining room table filled with escort cards, moving folks around for 2-3 hours.
7. Awe at your brilliance when you make connections (ie JOE is a doctor and my cousin Susan IS A DOCTOR too, so clearly they must sit together! Duncan is a navy pilot, Matt was in the Navy - table 7, done!)
8. Act surprised when at 11:00pm after 4.5 hours that it took THAT long and bask in your glory of getting all 112 people at 14 tables.

Friday, October 3, 2008

All is good

I just got this email form my FMIL:

We are very happy for you and Fi. It is a parent's hope that their child find true love and happiness in life. We feel that Fi has found that with you. We love you and know you belong in our family. I hope we have been able to make you feel that. FMIL

Well shuks! I'm getting married in 8 days!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whew..it IS political

The times they are a changing. Weddingbee has been sold to eHarmony.

That blows. You can read about why I disagree with the sale on this post that was written by bees more eloquent than me. I will no longer have a link to Weddingbee on my blog roll, but with permission I will be linking to the bloggers I support.

I struggle with this as a reader and a friend. I consider myself to be friends with a few of the 'bees. I email regularly with a few, I was linked to a few before they made it big with Weddingbee, one even designed my invitations. One, I stalk her husband at my grocery store (just kidding Ellie, only cause I think he stopped shopping near me!). I also feel caught in the middle as I know a few of my favorite bees fall on opposite sides of the aisle.

My time as a bride is coming to an end. I often hear about newlyweds who can't drop wedding blogs off their readers and continue to follow along. I wonder what my free time will be like after the wedding. I wonder what new interests will remain? Will I continue making paper flowers and to be interested in stationary? I do know that I will no longer be interested in Weddingbee. And that makes me a bit sad.

(Waving white flag)

I surrender. I surrendered to Fi this morning when I forwarded him the SEVEN emails from his mom. He asked if he could answer them and I said yes (I think I may have screamed it, but agreed none the less).

I surrender to the realization that I have been a royal biatch to everyone lately, throwing out ultimatums and threats like candy at a parade. My deepest apologies to everyone.

I surrender to this cold/allergies/stress bubble turned into snot that's in my head. I will let go.

I FULLY, COMPLETELY, for the last time, surrender to the idea that at the end of the day....I will be married and that is all that matters.

No one is more disappointed than me, so shut up

Yes, we had a guest list originally of 200 folks. Yes we CUT it to shreds, yes we had 1/3 of our guest list respond that they can not attend. And yes, for the love of all things holy- that royally sucks.

As my vendor it doesn't help you to point this out to me. I am already saddened more than you will know that all these loved ones can't come.

As my future mother-in-law it doesn't make me feel better when you point out how many of my family aren't coming.

As a helpful friend, it doesn't make me feel any better that I ONLY have 14 tables to deal with.