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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog question

This blog of mine is taking a different direction...I'm ready to leave the wedding behind (sigh) and move on to some new ideas. Question: Do I stay here and morph it...or do I leave this one be and move over to a new site- for my new-ish blog?



Linda said...

Goodness, I don't expect anyone to comment on everything I write. That would be too much. And I appreciate that you read even if you don't comment.
I don't know. I was ok continuing on my blog but if you wanted a different name then I would start a whole new blog.

Jenn said...

Hmm, Linda has a point -- maybe since it's got "old pueblo wedding" in the URL, you can start up a new one?

Blablover5 said...

I think you can morph it. I still have bride in my url, but I'm trying my damndest to distance myself.

I guess I was more worried about no one bothering to change links to hunt me down instead of people being a bit confused why I'd still allude to wedding in the URL. Maybe when I get super famous and have a car for my dogs then I'll change it.