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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am sooo happy to be done.

Being a bride is competitive business. Either you are practical or designer, DIY or purchased, budget or expensive.

I did not fit in to any of these bride categories.

Yes I spent money on my wedding. Yes I spent a lot on food, photographer and location. But this made me happy. My food was amazing, my pictures make me smile and I wouldn't have had my wedding any where else. Does this make my wedding Expensive?

I made my own centerpieces, skipped wedding cake for cheaper and yummier cookies, didn't have favors and bought our own booze. Does this make my wedding Budget?

We hired a hot dog cart, a Mariachi band in addition to the DJ AND a bagpiper. I had our invitations custom designed. Does this make me un-practical?

My friend was my wedding coordinator, my uncle performed the ceremony and the bridesmaids picked out their own dresses. Does this make us DIY and eclectic?

We refused to do a cake-cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss or money dance. Does this make us anti-establishment?

We had a father-daughter dance, we read from Corinthians and didn't write our own vows. Does this make us cookie-cutter?


This makes it MY wedding. (Okay OUR wedding.)

Seriously brides...take an effing breathe and stop trying to pigeon hole each other. If you believe that by only inviting 900 people you are being practical-then you ARE being practical. Do what you want, have the wedding you want and live the life you want.


Anonymous said...

best post ever. you are so right!! i think it's wonderful that your wedding turned out just the way you wanted it. congrats:)

Blablover5 said...

Sometimes I just don't understand women. We're much more prone to sizing up someone else and deciding if they are either us or them. Are they more likely to be snobby or down to earth, champagne and cavier or beer and pizza, friend or foe.

For God sakes, that person you look your nose down upon is still a person with hope and dreams and feelings. The lack of empathy scares the crap out of me sometimes.

Why can't we just enjoy each others quirk for what they are and not try to make ourselves all the same in categories.

Anonymous said...

I swear if I ever get hitched, I'm stealing your idea of the hot dog cart (that is so genius).

I hate it when other women size up other people's weddings. Its so crass and ugly. I feel that each wedding has its own and we can all take something away from it - whether it was DIY, budget, or a Platinum wedding. To each their own.

Great post ;)

Jennifer said...

Awesome post! And so applicable to life in general!

Tara said...

Love this post. So well said.

lovelymorning said...

a. men.

soooo tired of the current trend of if it's not budget, it's not okay. if you don't DIY everything, you're a loser. it's your wedding. spend however much or little you want on every single part and then be stoked that day because it turned out exactly how you wanted.

that's what we did too. :)