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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My '08 top 10 in photos

Here are ten of my favorite moments represented in photos that I had in '08.

1. My first half marathon I ran in March!

2. Also in March, my first time on a horse!

3. In May, some time on the beach in Florida.

4. In June, riding around Mexico City on a bike!

5. In July- some time spent outdoors (in the Mountains) with good friends!

6. In September, my last bridal shower! (However, let this picture be a representation of the many celebrations I had!)

7. In October, getting to be with my oldest friend Amy over my wedding weekend!

8. 10/11/08, Groovin' with my mama..AT MY WEDDING.

9. Laughing with my soul mate, husband and rock on our Honeymoon!

10. Just last week, celebrating our first married Christmas together with our tree Harvey.


Anonymous said...

What a great year full of adventure and fun times! Happy 2009!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, your 10 pictures really show how awesome a year you had in 2008! So many places, so many fun events, so many milestones! Glad I could be part of some of them!! :)