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Friday, January 2, 2009

stomps feet and pouts.

I am going to a bridal shower tomorrow. In fact I am helping to host it. But, I will not be the center of attention. hmpfhh.
Normally (i.e. before my own engagement) I would have just been honored to help and to be invited...now I am feeling a little, well jealous and not ready for MY time to be over. Which is silly. But still, I am a little miffed about having to go to someone else's shower. This is another first, another turning point...other people got married before me and well, people will get married after me.

It just feels a bit odd that I am all done. You wait your whole adult life for these rituals and then, in a flash they are over and it is no longer your turn.


Blablover5 said...

My hubbys sister got engaged around the time of our shower. It was really weird being back in Chicago while she was in the middle of planning hers.

While I don't envy them all the work, it sure felt like this last trip we were all but ignored because we weren't important anymore as now being married and old.

Linda said...

You're cute. I hope you have a good time!