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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holy Crap-ola

I know that I'm all married up and stuff that our wedding date and subsequent anniversaries are now the measuring stick by which we are judged, but today- today is our sixth anniversary as a couple.

Six years! In honor of this date, I offer six reasons I love D$:

1. There is not a day he doesn't make me laugh. He even makes me laugh at myself, which is huge. Most weeks have at least one or two moments when I almost pee my pants. And when he really gets laughing, really laughing- he makes this adorable "hee hee hee" laugh. Makes me laugh even more.

2. He is a bad-ass cook. He grills up some meat like nobodies business and yet still makes the most delicate of sauces. He has a pallet that seeks out great flavors ad he pairs wines really well and re-create most any food or drink after one tasting. For a foodie like me, this may be reason enough to love him.

3. He is a good friend. To me, my friends and his friends. He cares about people, remembers birthdays and significant events. He works hard (much harder than me) at keeping up relationships and making sure he keeps in touch with friends. When he sees me slumping into myself, he encourages me to call friends or plan a girl date. He makes me a better friend.

4. D$ works hard. At whatever he sets his mind to. Right now, it is finishing his degree. He'll be done in December...its been a sacrifice in our relationship, but he puts his head down and works hard at it. Same with training for a race, work or a hobby. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and he is always learning something.

5. He is easy going. Me? I'm a bit high strung, tightly wound, anxious and fast...D$ is easy going. Calm, not quick to rile. He tolerates my rants and helps me see that maybe I was too quick in my judgment...aka wrong. He can get mad, and when he does- run, but it is for a reason.

6. He is adventurous. He always has a trick, a plan...a scheme for something fun and new. He loves to travel, maybe more than I do- which is saying something and he always is planing our next road trip, getaway, vacation. It maybe just a 2 hour drive for some really bad Arizona wine or a 2 week European adventure- he figures it out.

Thanks friend for the best 6 years ever. I love you.


Blablover5 said...

It's crazy how quickly time passes by isn't it?

While I've been with my guy a friend went from a freshman to being a year out of college and working. I swear it was just a few months ago I was a green freshman myself in college getting up to no good.

Cody said...


Using the "wedding anniversary" from now on will be weird... This week was almost exactly 7.5 years together.

Jenn said...

Yay! This is really cute. =)