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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Desert Living

I heart living in the desert.

I love the cactus, the succulents, the colors that most people don't even know exist in the desert. The last month has been filled with yellows, greens, purples. I love the Sonoran desert I live in, where I can drive an hour to snow, a few hours to the beach, but I can drive 2 minutes and be in a canyon to hike.

But what I truly love about living in the desert....the sounds. Where we live, we hear a variety of sounds: owls, quail, bats squeaking, coyotes, javelina barking, rattle snakes- all from the comfort of our second floor porch.

Last night was a menagerie of sounds. D$ came in to wake me up at 10pm as we could hear a bobcat or Mountain Lion on our roof. Then at 5am I hear a pack of coyotes, um, shall I say dining?! Perhaps on the bobcat from our roof! I have learned to distinguish hunting coyotes, eating coyotes, playful new born coyotes (they learn to get their howl like a car that won't turn over...bark bark how- cough, bark, bark , bark hoooow- cough).

I never fail to wake with a smile on my face when I hear the coyotes. What a nice reminder of the special place I live!


Linda said...

I've sadly never lived near the desert but I imagine it's so beautiful. I love all the colors. So different than everywhere I've lived.

Tara said...

I think all of those sounds would seriously scare me! Yes, I am a baby.

But the succulents sound very wonderful

Linda said...

I occasionally feel self conscious when I take pictures in public places. I'm getting used to it. Tai encourages me too. He's so supportive!

Lindsey said...

It would be so cool living in the desert!