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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I put my stamp on it

I could have used the "wedding hearts" stamp from the Post office for my stamps on the stds, but I used plain old "liberty bell". This was purposeful and not just laziness. I was born in Pennsylvania (nope, not Kansas, as is often assumed) and although I am thrilled to be getting hitched in Arizona, I wanted to give a little shout out to my PA routes. So if you can't make the connection, Liberty Bell is Philadelphia, Philadelphia is in PA, me? I was born in PA. Although I do wish the Post Office had a Western PA themed stamp! :)
NOTE: AJ, I think you got a Christmas stamp. I was one stamp shy and I think I gave you the Christmas stamp cause I was hoping you wouldn't care THAT much. :)


Jennifer said...

I'll have to look on my fridge to see if I should be offended that I didn't get a Liberty Bell stamp or not. But at this point, I guess Christmas is more meaningful to me than PA, so I'll live.

Man, I'm so glad we got into this blogging thing!!

Jennifer said...

YUP! Now we can chat on messanger, through email, myspace, text AND blogging! Its no wonder I've only spoken to you on the phone like 5 times ever!