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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The photog

I heart our photographer. Chris Richards.

This was the second big decision I made in wedding planning (I'm not counting the decision to GET married, that wasn't THAT big of a decision), after we had the reception site booked (see post coming soon) we set off to look for our photographer. We had been to a wedding in February, 2004 and I remembered the photog there, and not for the usual reasons. He wasn't annoying or in yo' face, he just was. But I remembered that after the wedding the couple who had gotten hitched that day, L & A, presented us with some great shots that their photographer had taken of us. (wait isn't it usually guests who pass on pictures to the bride & groom?) I dug out those shots and visited Chris's website. I fell in love!

I did keep looking and I took a look at blogs and sites of photographers I knew I wasn't going to hire (too $$$, but beautiful work). I learned about the style and quality of photographer I wanted for the day. Then came the hard part,convincing the FI. After a few weeks I convinced him that we would just MEET with Chris. By the end of the meeting FI was convinced. Chris is charming and funny and most of all he made fun of me! Chris asked us if we knew what time the sun would set on our wedding day, I replied (a bit too quickly) 6:17pm. He took a sharp intake of breathe, turned to FI and said, "oh, she's one of THOSE brides". I knew at that moment we had our guy.

I've re-evaluated most every decision I've made in planning this wedding. Luckily for me, Chris has been a slam-dunk decision and one I haven't had to rethink!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Yes, Chris is great. I love his photojournalistic work in the Star. The wedding shots on his website are beautiful and fun. He will give you a priceless memory book! But, I won't show this post to Leigh. Already he is planning special (yet unobtrusive, I promise) shots for your wedding! As you know he is obsessed with his Nikon D300 (but that's OK because now I can use the D70).

Jennifer said...

I can hardly wait to get Leigh's photos! How lucky we will be to have his great eye(s) there that day!