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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spreading my STD

Wedding Jargon humor- Save The Date is commonly abbreviated on wedding posts as STD, which can lead to some funny mishaps.

Back to the matter at hand...Our STDs hit the mail this weekend and we've had some great responses. I will totally claim this as my idea, one of the few original wedding ideas I've had! I saw this postcard years ago and I knew we wanted (ahem, I wanted) to do something kitchy and creative at least for the std. So I spoke to my art friend who got in touch with the Tucson Postcard Club (no shit, there is such a thing! http://iwhome.com/tpcec/index.html). And those lovely folks scanned my postcard, I passed it on to my graphic designer friend and viola we had our std. We (ahem, my graphic designer friend) was able to put all of the wedding info on the backside of the post card as well as keep the original info. My favorite touch, that those on the receiving end don't get to enjoy, is the "Place Stamp Here" box that is so conveniently laid out for me!

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Jennifer said...

I kept forgetting to tell you in emails, I got your STD this weekend while I was gone! It's super cute, and way better than the one I got from my friend for CA -- yours retained the look of a real postcard, soooo cool!!!