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Friday, January 25, 2008

A thought about song

Music is important to us, to all beings. It is a way of worship, reflection, and celebration. There is nothing better (really) than when I hear an opening note of a moving song. I love all genres (really) of music and find something from each song I hear. Music will be part of the ceremony and the reception in various ways.

We have decided to go with a dj for the reception, only because we will be hiring 3 groups of live musicians throughout the day. We didn't need/couldn't afford a 4th group. I also found that the bands limited us in spectrum and scope of the music we could have. The band I most gravitated to was a Motown cover band, and although my family would have been just fine with that, I'm not sure my in-laws would have appreciated it as much.

One area I am struggling with is the father/daughter dance. My dad and I have always danced, always. My dad and I have cut more rug at weddings and parties than Fred Astair. I regret the embarrassment I felt as a teenager when my dad would pull me on to the dance floor. But I am sooo looking forward to dancing with my dad on my wedding day. I think every girl has fantasized about their wedding day in one way or another, and I have always looked forward to dancing with my dad! But to what song? We have several songs that make me think of my dad...a few "goodies" form the 80's: Gloria Estefan, Paul Simon, Lionel Richie. We've seen Elton John in concert, we've sung our hearts out in church to Handel's Messiah and we've shared cds and music collections. My dad took me to see "Annie" the movie 3 (THREE) times in the theater and then bought me the record and let me play it on repeat for months on end. My dad shared a smile with my mom when I "discovered" Nina Simon and let me burn copies of his cds. He listened to Pearl Jam cds before I headed out to the concert and has laughed at me the day after every concert I've ever been to since when I declare "That was the BEST concert ever!". We took a drive to listen to the "Rent" cd in the car and hit repeat on "Light my Candel" and cried over the simplicity, soul and sorrow inthe singer's voice. We shared stories about the songs the KSU band would play at football games and how they made us energized (I get knocked down- but i get up again). I can't hear some music with out feeling my dad. He helped me and FI with some extra cash so we could make our dream of going to see U2 in Dublin happen. We argued over which version of Nessun Dorma was better, Aretha Franklin or Luciano Pavarati (I still say Aretha, he holds tight onto Luciano). My dad introduced me to opera, listening to the Met on NPR every Sunday. He took me to musicals on Broadway just to squeeze my hand when the going gets good and the music, dance and fever of the play is just - right.

So all this begs the question....what song? All I know is whatever it will be (or perhaps a melody?) you will see sparks flying from our heels and tears streaming from our eyes.
Photo Credit: me, check out the nose and the chin...any question he's my dad!?! Nope.

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Jennifer said...

Beautifully written!! And I'm get a little teary just thinking about it. The father-daughter dance always makes me cry, and sometimes I even cry just thinking about my dance with my dad.

P.S. I didn't see this post sooner 'cause I kept hitting refresh on your Thursday post, and I guess that link was just for that post. Boo. Off to read the next one!