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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Card Swap!

I participated in the second annual Brooklyn Bride Card swap. I thought I'd post photos of the cards I sent out, and when I get my five cards in, I'll show you those too!

I followed an idea from Martha Stewart, which I can now no longer find. You may recognize the paper from when I participated in the Valentine's Day card swap in February. I just can't bring myself to go back into a Michael's since the wedding. Let's call it post-traumatic stress. So I used my red, beige, brown and pink paper to make these tree cards.

For the front, I layer tree-shapes to add some dimension to the card.

On the inside, the cards pop up! I had fun playing with not only the "styles" of trees, but also how far out they would pop.

Can you see the depth? This is actually an easy process. With an exacto knife or razor, cut two parralell lines from the fold in the card. Then bend the lines the other way, glue tree to your "stump". Repeat.

mmm. trees.

I've already received two of the cards, so when I get them all in, I'll post them!