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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Resolutions

I always always make resolutions! This year I resolve to follow through on my resolutions. For 2009 I only have three.

1. To run everyday. Crazy right? I read this article a few weeks ago about a man who runs everyday and had for years. There is a group of runners who streak (not strip, but streak): U.S. Running Streak Association - to become a member you just run continuously 1 mile everyday. I already run 3-4 days a week for at least 3 miles at a time. So now, I'll just bump it up to 7 days a week- at least one mile.

I ain't going to lie- I am a bit skeptical of this goal. For one thing I have lost my love of running. I used to LOVE to run, I took pride in my weekly schedules and enjoyed getting up early on Saturdays to get a 5, 7 or 12 mile run in. But my spirit was broken. I ran a crappy half marathon and took a new running class that made me feel bad about me. But in the midst of all that, I still ran- and coached. Coaching? I love. I love getting new runners involved and interested in running.

I do recognize one of my recent downfalls has been relying on others. For months I have only been running when I have another person to run with. So this resolution will break me of that habit and help me remember why I love running to begin with. I fell in love with running because it allowed me time for me. That sometimes gets lost when running with others. I have a few running buddies, that after the first mile or so, we can just run and be quiet. I like that. We encourage when we need, but we fall into step and just run. But I will have someone to report to. My former running buddy Kristen moved to Denver, and she is going to do this too. So, I won't be going it alone per se, just I'll be running many days alone.

The reality of time is easy. I just have to get up a half an hour earlier on Mondays and Fridays. Although it doesn't take me a half an hour to run, this will give me time to get ready, get out the door, stretch and run. The other days? Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays I have appointments to run already. Sunday? I just will run when I wake up!

So after this lofty goal I still have two more resolutions:

2. To be more glass is half full. I am a negative Nancy, a Debbie downer, a complainy Janey...in 09- no more! D$ will call me at work to say hi and typically I spend 5 minutes bitching about my boss or something. He gets annoyed at me because he just called to say hi and that he loves me and I am not receptive and cranky. Well no more! My rose colored glasses are on, my negativity will be lifted!

3. Finish my dad's socks. In August 07, my pal Monica and I took our second knitting class together. We decided that we would make Christmas socks, she for her son, me for my pops! One lofty goal that was- but we both completed our projects to the elation of ourselves, each other and the recipients of our socks. Then in January my dad sent his socks back, there had been a discrepancy in the measurements and I made his socks too big. So I promptly ripped one sock out, down to the heal to start over.....and that's as far as I got. So, in January, I will pick up the socks again and forge ahead. The first time around it really sucked a lot of time and energy out of me- but I was planning a wedding! This time, no wedding to plan and D$ will be taking a few classes this spring, so I'll have many evenings solo and weekends when he'll be studying. I am not setting a time goal for these socks, but hopefully I can get them to my dad in the fall (they are wool) and still have time for other knitting projects!

So, whew! What about you? What resolutions are planning?


Linda said...

I don't really make resolutions any more. I always break them. Instead I'm considering a list of things to try. As well as work on my list of things to do before 40.

Mary Michal said...

I like your #2. I don't typically make resolutions, but changing my attitude is something that I've been thinking about anyway. I'm like you, my fiance will call to say hi, and I end up griping about something. From here forward, you and I will be optimistic, glass-half-full people.

Blablover5 said...

I'm not really a resolution person either. Even when I was little I didn't like to say anything.

I just hope that whatever happens I can laugh about it at some point in my life.