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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4th

Advice for today: 'March Forth!'

Today isn't just another day.
It's not just another work day or school day or sick day or
"American Idol" day.
Check out the calendar, and consider it an order:
It's March 4th.

So...March Forth! The date is also a command.
A verb.
The only day of the year that literally compels you to action: March forth!
Consider it your personal holiday - use the date to encourage everyone you meet to:

Dream big.
Fly high.
Be spontaneous.
Start now.
Do or learn something new.
Forget past disappointments.
Start a new chapter in your life - TODAY
March Forth!

Bring cookies to work, buy flowers for friends, send cards and e-mails to friends around the world -- people's faces and hearts will light up.
Throw an impromptu dinner party – use the “good stuff” - china, fine linens and silver.
Ditch the NordicTrack and take an old-fashioned hike -- breathe deeply, enjoy the scenery.
Don’t sleep indoors – camp out on the lawn.
Skip the shower – take a bubble bath.
Turn off the TV – read a book.

It's a wonderful thing, starting over Marching Forth.
Seize the day.
Today, at least, forget the past.
Have fun. Do something new. Amaze yourself, and

What are you doing today? As we haven't turned on the tv all week- I think we'll keep that going tonight- and since my foot is on the mend, I plan on making my hubby literally March Forth with me, a walk in our neighborhood canyon!

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