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Monday, March 2, 2009

Poem-a-week 4

Crap, I forgot to post this yesterday, although I did have it composed.

It's an ode..an ode to my toe:

I can not walk or run
I can't hike or bike
All activities I think fun
all the sports I really like.

My toe slows me down
I have to put all pressure on my heel
Making it hard to get around
walking, standing, crouching or kneel.

All my fun in the sun
is now limited to sitting
I miss my morning runs
and how my clothes were loose fitting.

I wish you well
dear toe of mine
its a matter of time
and I'll be fine.

(see I didn't promise good, just a poem!)


Linda said...

Oh I've taken stuff out of the bag. I'll buy new shoes but decided the new ones aren't quite right. I usually put the old ones back in the bag when I find a good replacement.

Bsquared Bride said...

Good one! That poor toe.

Jennifer said...

Are you kidding, this one's great! :)