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Thursday, March 5, 2009

ton of bricks

I was sitting eating my lunch (curried chicken salad on mulitgrain) and a man walked into the restaurant. We smiled at each other and then I remembered (and he did too) that we had dated. For like a month. And I had no idea of his name.

I moved to Tucson in August 2001. I started dating D$ in May 2003. That means I had 16 months of other relationships and dates and flings in Tucson. And I can NOT for the life of me remember any one of them (okay ONE, but he was a dick and there was law enforcement involved, yadda yadda).

So my mystery date and I said hello and he called me Jenny (which is a sure sign it wasn't a great month, as no one calls me Jenny) and we caught up for a second. Well, as much as you can catch up with a man you dated AT least 6 years ago for a month and whose name you still can't recall.

But more importantly, this encounter made me recognize how complete things are with D$. There is no regrets about the one who got away, Tucson or life before the move here. No second guessing after the wedding, or before. D$ and I are good...and not that I've doubted that- but by running into a man I dated at least 6 years ago and not remembering a detail about our courtship kind of seals the deal.


Linda said...

Yup, I've seen a couple of old flames, but no regrets. I have a hard time remembering old boyfriend's names too! They weren't the ones!

Blablover5 said...

I am terrible about faces and names. People will remember me long before I'll ever rememeber them. Makes for some interesting conversations some days.

Oh and Jen, if you would like a wedding dress painting just e-mail me. Since you've been visiting my blog since oh the super early days I was gonna cut you your own special deal.