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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Poem-a-week 5

This little venture of mine is proving harder than I imagined....I'm out of practice of a) writing poetry and b) blogging...but I keep at it.

"Sunday I"

A rumble from the next room-
rhythmic clink and clanks lull my senses
offer me the cadence of a familiar song or praise.

The clink and clanks change,
pricking my ears.
The rhythm quickens,
then disappears
only to fall back into line for a few more moments
soothing me again.

Abruptly, the buzzer sounds.
I go
open the door and remove the contents.
Buttons hot.
A sock still damp as it was turned into itself
perhaps, the heat was too intense for the sock?

A mash of arms, legs, waists and torsos
shaken out onto the bed.
They wait to be lined up,
put away
worn again.

Next Sunday,
next laundry day-
the rumble will begin again.


Blablover5 said...

Reminds me of how I get so used to the sound of the dryer running and then once it stops I kinda miss the familiar clunks and white noise.

Linda said...

I started the Adventures of Kavelier and Clay but didn't get to finish it-library book. I'm hoping to buy it so I can read it at my leisure.

Jennifer said...

So cute!