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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow..time flies when you have a 3 week honeymoon! I can hardly believe a whole month has passed since we exchanged our vows. And what a jam packed month it has been; between our travels, settling back into work, the election, friends birthdays, family births...we've had a lot going on!

One of our favorite wedding gifts was from my parents dear friends Karen and Rick. We received this beautiful vase (in a blue box!) from them just before the wedding.

At the wedding we received a card from them with instructions. We are to fill the vase with flowers on the 11th of every month. This month was on them, so we received a beautiful bouquet this morning. December I am responsible for flowers, January is D$'s turn.

I am totally stealing this idea from them in the future. It will start a new tradition in our house and guarantee that in this busy first year of marriage we slow down and remember each other!


Jennifer said...

What a fantastic idea!!! (And what a GORGEOUS vase!)

Blablover5 said...

That is a really cool idea, and I think we got the same vase. My bouquet is currently inside of it.

Jenna said...

Love love love this tradition. Boo that I didn't know about (totally the kind of thing I would have done for myself :) )