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Friday, November 14, 2008

One of the best things I ever did...

I borrowed an idea from Weddingbee, and I apologize, I don't remember who it was and as I am not going back to the site, I can't look it up. But the idea was brilliant.

Basically I made a business card size handout for everyone involved in the wedding with all the information they needed. I made my cards in Word. I used a blank page, set to landscape and divided the page into 1/3s. On one third a made a BRIDAL PARTY version, on 1/3 I made a GROOMSMEN version and on the last third I made a FAMILY version. When cut and folded, the were the size of a business card- small, convenient....what else do you need! I printed them on card stock to add some heft.

Here is the Bridal Party version:

Schedule of Events
Friday, October 10
11:00 am – Rehearsal at Z Mansion

1:00 pm – Bridal Lunch
Pastiche, 3025 N. Campbell Ave

2:30 pm – Optional, Mani/pedi
Classy Nails

6:00 pm – REHEARSAL DINNER, El Charro

Saturday, October 11th
11:30 pm – Hair appointments
Essenza Salon, 6320 E Broadway

2:00 pm – Z Mansion
Photographs begin, DON’T BE LATE!

5:00 pm – Ceremony begins

6:00 pm – Reception

Bride: 520.
Jenn S: 520.
Melisa: 520.
Amy: 917.
Jaime: 480
Groom: 520

Here is a photo of D$ and Ben at the bachelor/bachelorette party. See the blue cards in their shirt pockets? Yup, that's their groom card!

I loved that the wedding party referred to the cards, used the numbers, called each other and if I was remiss in handing out a card, I was asked "where do I get a blue card?". I was frequently referred to as "the most organized bride"...yeah, I fooled them all!

Brides to be, if you want the template, I'll be happy to send you mine!


Blablover5 said...

I remember sending out a spreadsheet to everyone in the bridal party and asking them all to look at it and say if they wanted to change anything.

My side followed it like the bible but it was more of a suggestion for his. It all worked out in the end, but there were a lot of late night phone calls to remind them they had to be in such and such a place and when.

Linda said...

I made time lines and to do lists for the bridesmaids and my friend who served as my DOC. My friend/DCO made sure the guys followed it to a t. She kept telling them if they deviated from the timeline I would cry and did they want that? It worked great!
Sadly my dad did not get a timeline and he was late. Yeah. Still bitter.

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest idea ever. Convenient and smart and organized ;) love it. I'm amazed all that info fit on a business card. I'll def keep that in mind! I totally am with you - have not been to weddingbee's site since the 'sale'.