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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I was tagged by Not Just a Military Wife to post eight random things about me. I'm going to change it up a bit and list eight random things from the wedding! (Although Jenn may have already written about some of these thing!)

1. We had a hot dog cart. It was supposed to be announced and D$(my husband) and I would feed each other hot dogs ala wedding cake, but a few guests jumped the gun and we just ate our hot dogs normally. Well I guess if you consider eating a hot dog wrapped in bacon while wearing a wedding dress normal!

2. One of my favorite moments was watching my niece and flower girl Lucy dance away on the dance floor. The dessert buffet was announced and she ran, full speed to the buffet. But it was like one fluid motion: dance, run. Too freaking funny! My brother and I just stood there laughing at each other!

3. My dress kicked the shit out of me. The next day I had bruises from where the boning dug into me and chaffing on my back from the silk. Seriously, I was sore for two days and bruised for a week. you can see in this picture that my dress revolted. Nice shelf, no? Whats up with that and how come no one told me?

4. I don't remember seeing D$ as I walked down the aisle. My dad and I talked the whole time and I looked at Jenn, who was crying, which made me cry some more...but I didn't see D$. I guess our girl crush is solidified Jenn!

5. I forgot to switch my engagement ring to my right hand, so during the ceremony I slyly made the switch!

6. Nothing really went wrong! The florist skipped out before finishing her work, the caterer said we owe them more money, we ran out of wine in 45 minutes (bartender went and bought more), I forgot a BUNCH of stuff, but it was all perfect. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

7. Somehow, a little dance circle circa 1985 broke out. I had no idea some people could dance so well! Best thing ever, Arturo, from the hot dog cart, he came out to dance! Seriously. The dude I hired to man the hot dog cart, took a little break, came and danced his arse off. I loved it! Isn't he the cutest?

8. Remember M& S's wedding we went to in May? At their wedding, M and S did this dance, and Indian pop thing, were basically you go as low as you can go, and then hop....yeah. I did it with M...freaking hilarious. With a beer in hand... wait! Could THIS be why my dress broke?

If you want to do this meme, go on ahead, I am too lazy to try to tag folks.


Jennifer said...

You had me at hello.

Anonymous said...

A hot dog cart! I love it. that is the coolest thing ever and what a great idea. I'm loving that you both got down and low dancing, I say the pics are worth the dress breaking, no? ha.