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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shoot, it's happening

Last night, as D$ and I celebrated our monthaversary, we enjoyed a bottle of wine we picked up on our Napa leg of our honeymoon. We watched Monday's episode of "How I met your Mother". It was a funny episode, as always, but this particular episode Marshall and Lilly think about having a baby.

Watching this show, I literally felt my uterus jump for joy. I can have a baby now with no societal implications. I won't be unwed! Except we aren't ready. We may never be ready, and we know that, but right now we really aren't ready.

I feel like one big stereotype. Wedding is over, so now let us nest and have babies! Let me just put my apron on and kick off my shoes while I'm at it.

I am dreading Thanksgiving, dreading that we will be surrounded by D$'s family who have no filter when it comes to personal questions. They had been asking us for years about marriage and buying a house and now it'll be about a baby.

We have it mapped out, we have a timeline, we have a plan. But when did it become socially acceptable for co-workers, in-laws, friends to ask us about these plans? When you ask us about buying a house, what you are really doing is prying into our financial situation; and unless you are writing my paycheck, how much I make is none of your business.

So for now, society at large...let us now bask in the glow of our successful happy wedding. Do not remind me about my age, or tell D$ about how interest prices are low. Trust me, we are well aware.

(once again, I step off my soap box)


Blablover5 said...

Ugh we keep having his parents get on us about buying a house. They wanted us to get one before the wedding which was so not gonna happen.

Luckily no one has gotten on the baby bandwagon yet. I'd rather have a puppy now anyway.

Linda said...

When they ask about baby, just say you getting used to being married. That should by you a month or two :)

Meg said...

I feel ya...for the 5 years that my fiance and I dated we were bombarded with questions about "wedding bells" now we are not even married yet and a few "in-laws" mention grandkids quite frequently.....uugghhh

Mary Michal said...

I completely feel your pain. Before my fiance and I got engaged, everyone kept calling me an old maid. I'm 24!! And on top of that I'm not getting married until May 2009, and my dad has already commented about grandkids!

Cody said...

I've already gotten the baby question. Unmarried, at 23... with a crappy job and on hiatus from school. (I'm the only one of child-bearing age in both our families without a kid. Many of the new mommies are barely legal.)

That episode of HIMYM actually bugged me a little. Marshall and Lily wanting a baby is fine and all... but, saying Robin is "heartless" for not wanting a kid is a little much. We don't want kids... and there is nothing "icy" about that.

I'd rather celebrate Not A Father's Day with Barney. (Or Not a Mother's Day... 'cause that makes more sense.)

Tara said...

I hear ya. I have squashed the baby questions with my family by flat out saying that I might never have babies... it took a couple of years but they don't ask anymore! But DH's parents and coworkers and pretty much random aquaintances really can push on the buying a house thing. And when you say you are not ready to buy the immediate response is "but it is such a great time" blah blah blah... what if I want to move to California next year people! and now I am off my soap box!