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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poem a week

Inspired by Blablover and her Picture-a-day series, I decided to start a poem-a-week.

My major in college was Creative Writing with a focus on Poetry and short-stories. Except for blogging, I have stopped writing. After an email exchange with Jenn about her having to write a poem, I exclaimed (via email) "writing poetry is easy!". She challenged me to write a poem about Ramen, so I did. And this will be my first poem.

So here's the deal: every Sunday I'll post a poem. I do not promise good poetry, just one new poem writen by me a week. Like Jenn's challenge about Ramen, I will take requests. So with out further ado:

Patiently I wait for the two cups to bubble

CRACK! -break the nest of noodles,

awaiting their turn

CRACK! -break the egg,

prepared to be poached.

Time has come for the parts to become one

...into the water the drop

one by one




Two minutes time, my lunch is prepared.


Blablover5 said...

I love it. That's so cool (and much more creative than what I'm up to).

Your poem makes your lunch sound really tasty too.

Jennifer said...

Yummm! I ended up writing a poem about running, btw.