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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Staus Report

You may be wondering how I am coming on my New Year resolutions...or not. Here is athe update:

Thursday, I broke a toe and fractured a bone in my foot by dropping a laptop on it. So that running everyday? Done. For SIX weeks. I made it 50 days 95 miles. I am proud of myself, but honestly, I am thankful for the rest too.

The no smoking? Good. I've broken twice now. All D$'s fault. The first break was 2/10 and I smoked 8 cigarettes in a sitting. If you don't smoke- let me tell you, that is a harsh amount of tobacco at one time. I woke up the next day feeling sick, hacking and wheezing- but satisfied. I will not lie, I loved all 8 cigarettes. The second time? last night, I had 2, they tasted gross and I feel even worse than I did after 8. So Even though I have had two relapses, I feel great about my progress.

The sock. No go. I have to go buy some needles this week and I will start this weekend. I swear. I just read this entry about sewing on Linda's blog. I totally wish I could sew, she has sparked a new goal for me...but I feel like I need to finish whats on my plate before I start dessert.

One last Tidbit (pun intended)...my blogging pal GoLightly recently got engaged (woot!) and she has started a new wedding blog B-squared Bride, I am loving already (4 posts in), so go check it out, she is sassy, funny and down to earth. Really, who doesn't love a bride that stops for In -n- Out while venue hunting?


Blablover5 said...

Yucky, sorry about the broken foot. Who knew a laptop could do that much damage? Hopefully it heals quickly and you feel better.

Linda said...

So sorry about the broken foot! But I'm glad I inspired you to try something new. If only I was going to try too!

Anonymous said...

aw man, I'm sorry about your foot. I'd gladly accept that for an excuse not to run, even though I feel for ya, OUCH

Thanks for the shout out ;) Too bad that was not the only pit stop at In-N-Out, aiyee!!