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Friday, February 27, 2009

Madoff rhymes with Layoff

Yesterday someone handed me this quote: The brook would lose it's song if we removed its rocks.

Layoffs have hit my work. I am surprised and not. I work in Non-Profit work, and although we DO such great things in this world, it is all at the mercy of the donors. And if donors aren't donating- well we either have to cut programs or staff. I have to hand it to the Executive Council, and the Executive Director, they cut *few* programs, many that can go on hold for a few years, but do not directly hurt the people throughout the world that we serve. (example we cut a continuing adult education program that focused on spiritual journey and not the continuing adult education program that focuses on assimilating those folks who have ended up in our area because of religious asylum. )

And if you didn't get the reference above, I do work for Jewish organization.

Two staff were cut, and that blows. And one- was my boss- the dude I hated seeing everyday. However, my heart breaks for him and his family and I have survivors guilt.

It'll be an interesting few days/weeks/months here till we all get on our feet. How is everyone else coping? Any other layoffs out there?


Linda said...

I hear you. My program is federally mandated so it's not going anywhere but I worry about some of the other programs. Plus more people needing $ and less $ out there for folks.

kilee said...

I can relate. I work for Nike and they just announced layoff last week AND we have a wedding to plan so I'm shakin' in my boots.


Anonymous said...

It's just getting worse out there. The jewelry company I used to work for just announced closing their rather new NYC offices and closing half their stores. Though I'm not a 'survivor' of that I do feel guilt thatvi didn't take that job and be one of them now. It's so sad. But I am wee happy that you work for what sounds like a great organization!

A said...

You're lucky you were spared! I haven't been laid off, but (maybe tens of) THOUSANDS of people in the industry I'd hoped to enter when I finish grad school have been. It's going to be a tough year.