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Monday, April 27, 2009

A few inspiration boards

whew...Since I found out 10 hours ago that my TucsonBFF got engaged, I've found and made a few inspiration boards for her.

I know her favorite color is light blue and her style is simple and cute. So here are a few inspirations I have for her. (note, just ideas, none need to be taken seriously).

From Tastefully Entertaining I found this board that was published almost a year ago.

From the great Snippet & Ink I found this lovely board that mixes blue with a flashy yellow. Yum!

And finally, one I threw together myself.

Man, I am pleased to have some wedding planning to think about again- well here's hoping she'll want my help!


Jennifer said...

You are amazing. Thank you SO much!! I love you!!

Linda said...

Oh, I like them all.