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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New wedding vows

Every time D$ and I hear a story or go through an experience that points out a flaw or loophole in our relationship, or anther's, we add a vow to our marriage.

D$ had a stupid stupid friend that received a sext (is that what the kids call the dirty pics via text thing?) from a woman not his wife. So we added a vow: no nudie pics from anyone other than each other. Done.

My dad's BFF died yesterday. He was sick and ignored his symptoms to the point of no return. So we made a new vow: fight for each other, even if you can't fight for yourself.

Rick was a great guy. He was funny, loved life and lived hard. I guess that's why he didn't want to fight, he didn't want to be weak. I am going to miss him, but I don't understand if he couldn't fight for himself, how could he not want to fight for his wife? My parents don't understand any better. So last night D$ and I made a new vow- fight for each other, even if you can't fight for yourself.

Between Rick and GoLightly's fight in the hospital I've been really burdened by grief. I have been surprised everyday by D$'s love and support for me. Last night, knowing how sad I was, he made me grilled cheese and tomato soup, complete with a bottle of wine. It is that love, his caring, his support that makes me hope and believe that if I were sick, like on my death bed sick, I would be fighting tooth and nail for him- so that I could stay with him.

These situations have also opened the door on sensitive topics. We talked about our wishes and about our living wills.

Have you added any vows, or any conditions to your relationship?

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Blablover5 said...

I'm so sorry so much bad stuff has been happening all of a sudden.

We have had the kid talk a lot earlier than we probably ever would thanks to my best friend having a 4 year old. A lot of time we talk about discipline and how to raise any kids we'd have.

It sure is a lot better to get it out what you are thinking and feeling than to just bottle it up. I've seen so many relationships where the thought is if you have a different opinion than either never bring it up again or change your mind and that is so unhealthy.

On a completely un-related topic I still really need to make you a wedding painting. I could maybe even include a hot dog stand.