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Friday, April 17, 2009

What I've been up to...

Linda inquired about what I've been doing to keep me away from the blogosphere. To answer her question, I've composed a list:

1. My parents came to visit for 5 days.
2. I am running again and now training for a half marathon in June.
3. I received a promotion at work and have been actually working, not blogging from my job!
4. I got and iPhone for Valentine’s Day that accesses my email and facebook, so I really haven’t turned on the laptop at home for 2 months.
5. I have a few ideas about my new improved blog in my head, weekly features, etc. When I have been writing, I have been stocking those up, so when I launch the new blog I will have a few weeks of blogs to pull from.
6. March Madness- I ran the office pool at work.
7. Dieting. D$ and I are fatter than ever. Seriously. Two weeks ago we both hit the highest weight we’d ever been. Since then I have lost 2.5 lbs and he has lost 2. So we cook a lot, walk, work out and talk about dropping weight.
8. Reading. I received a gift subscription to the New Yorker for Christmas. It is a great magazine, full of great contributors and articles. It is a heavy read. AND it comes once a week. Seriously, it takes a lot of time!
9. Gardening. A friend gave me her plant stand, perfect for my containers so I have remembered my love for gardening.

None are great excuses, but reasons none the less. We are traveling next week, but I'll plan to post a few times before we leave.

Happy weekend everyone!


Blablover5 said...

Looks like you've been keeping busy in your spare time.

The blogging thing sure can be a pill sometimes too, especially if you get away for a while. You just don't know if you can connect again.

But I'm glad to see you're back for a bit.

Linda said...

It's a funny thing about blogging. I like blogging about things I do but you need to be away from the computer to do them.
I fear if I got an iPhone I would do the same thing.
Awesome news about the promotion. Congrats!
And those are all great excuses. Thanks for answering my question!

Bev said...

Been meaning to respond to your message on my blog about Golightly.

She is currently in the Baylor Roberts Building, on floor 13 in suite 1326. Should you visit her when you're in town, you should probably not mention her blogs. Latest I knew, her family and friends were unaware of her blogs and I'm not sure if now is the best time for them to know about them, know what I mean?

If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me at beverlyjo1013[at]gmail[dot]com.

Good thoughts for our friend.

Married and Lovin' it! said...

Good morning!
I'm just googling newlywed blogs and inviting you to check out the "She Just Got Married" blog and ask you to consider adding the RSS feed to your Blog Roll!
We're just trying to share some good news about newlywed life! :-)
Hope to see you there!!