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Monday, March 17, 2008

Inspiration board

EDITORS NOTE: Okay, I took out the picture of me in my dress. Fi doesn't have the link, but he is a nosy bugger, so this is my new inspiration Board! edited 3/18

I have made a few inspiration boards for the wedding. Themes, colors, photos and ideas that inspire me and tie together what I want my big day to be. Then I saw a fitness inspiration board and decided to make my own.

In honor of the 1/2 marathon I ran yesterday (yikes!) here is my fitness board:

Top row: me running my leg of the Tucson Marathon relay, a healthy well-balanced meal, no-smoking sign

middle row: a bridal boot camp book, me & Fi hiking, the KU football coach who is bigger than the orange bowl mascot , South African beach

Bottom row: food pyramid (I need to eat more veggies) and Jennifer Aniston (I'm still on team Aniston! Look at those arms! yum!)

I know that I am healthier now that when I met Fi even though I was 30lbs lighter then. I know that he loves me no matter what size. But I need to find a balance to the skinny mini I was when he met me and the healthy woman I am today. Who doesn't want to look fabulous on their wedding day and be the fittest they can be.

I've tried Atkins (thats how I got to my skinniest weight of 124) and South Beach but my cholesterol was high. I've tried Weight Watchers with no success (I can't count points). Most recently the best luck I have had is moving and counting calories. So starting today (again) I am on my wedding weight war! I am going to move everyday. I am going to have 5-6 small meals everyday incorporating slim-fast protein shakes for breakfast and lunch. I will eat more fruits and veggies. My goal is to loose 10 lbs by Memorial Day weekend (this is less than 1 pound a week). After that I would like to maintain that weight till the wedding.

Once a week I will do a little weigh in in my blog...a little extra motivation!


Jennifer said...

Hey, I hope D doesn't have a link to this -- then he gets to see the dress!! I think you'll have to make room for a picture from Sunday's run, too. We rocked that joint!

Jennifer said...

good call, I changed it.