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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wedding Lull, Mountain High

I've been taking a bit of a wedding hiatus. Although there is still much to do. The top of my to do list: Get wedding finances in order. I have so many numbers in my head and know how much I have spent, but I need to get a handle on what I need yet to pay for. I need to get my refund back from the City, now that I won't be renting from them, and hand that money over to another vendor.

The great thing about the Z, is they have a list of recommended vendors. This is great because you can make a decision if you want to use them or not. Also, they "hold" any day the Z is booked for their services. So, if I decide to use a recommended vendor, I get first pick. The down side to this, is that I have been LAZY about securing some final vendors. Like my bartender and florist and a handful of others.

My goal for March is to 1. update my financial spreadsheet and 2. secure my final vendors. And when I finally accomplish these two goals, I'll feel like this:


Jennifer said...

Yay!! I've been feeling like I want change and stuff, and accomplish stuff, especially finances, too!! Only I don't have wedding stuff, I have retirement and savings stuff. :p At least you get a party out of yours!! Good goal for March!!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

All this talk about financial spreadsheets has me wondering: what wedding expenses are tax deductible? As someone who had a very low-key wedding, I can't help answer that question. But I'm wondering, anyway, if good ol' excel has a formula for a spreadsheet column devoted to this. Also-Jennifer- you mentioned florist. I'm wondering what kind of nontraditional (or traditiona?) bouquet Jennifer will carry (if any). I'll be interested in that post/discussion. And finally - PS to the other Jennifer (commenting above me): You will get a party out of your retirement stuff. Someday, when you look at the numbers and realize, finally, that you can set the date for "retirement" (wrong word), believe me, you will have that party. We did.