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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ooh a pretty pretty invitation!

This weekend we received our much anticipated invite to Fi's Best Man's wedding. Mike and Selena are getting married over Memorial Day weekend in Fla (yay mini vacation!). Selena is of Indian heritage so I am excited about the wedding. To see the sights, learn new customs and lets face it, eat the food. I love Indian food! However, we are so clueless, I am worried I'll be like Michael Scott in the hilarious "Dwaili" episode of the Office!

The invitation arrived and it was the most ornate invite I've ever received. Beautiful purple envelope! The outer envelope (not photographed) and inner envelope are made of that paper/fabric hybrid so we had to use scissors to open it! I was so excited to open it, Fi and I actually got into a fight! I was so curious to see all the pretties!

The inner envelope, folded over itself. The bottom border is a beautiful silver embossed pattern. I love the silver sparkles!

Look at this beautiful detail! On either side of the formal invite was this beautiful couple gazing at each other.

Sorry again for all the white out. But take a look at the lovely pearl-like sheen the paper has. The quality was so nice!

Here is the whole package!

Next, what to wear?

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Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

A friend is Punjabi (I think you know S...), and we've spoken about the wonderful traditions in Indian weddings (over a dinner at Sheri Punjab). You are in for a beautiful and elaborate celebration, as you probably know. What is the region Selena is from? That may tell you something about the type of ceremony this could be. No matter what, I know you will honor the many traditions you will be part of. Of course- enjoy the food (my favorite besides Italian). One thing to check: Usually the traditional ceremonies span several days (and/or several types of ceremonies, some at the bride's home.) So you may need more than one outfit! Blessings to all the brides - no matter how your special days are celebrated, love is a beautiful way to unify all.