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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A new dress!

I bought a new dress for the shower on Saturday. I love this dress and have been eyeing it for weeks on the Ann Taylor Loft website. I think it may double nicely for some engagement pictures as well as a nice dress for work and play! It is very comfortable. They were out of the size in Petites that I needed, so I went ahead and got it in regular, so it is a little longer on me than in the picture. I am really looking forward to the shower on Saturday and now that I have a nifty new outfit, I feel more at ease!

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Jennifer said...

LOVE the dress! I like the v-neck with the fabric behind it, or whatever you call that. Isn't it weird (and fun!) how exciting it is to get a new outfit?? Sometimes just getting a new shirt (*cough*threadless*cough*) makes me even a little excited to go to work!!