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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finishing up M & S wedding

You may remember from the Last Post that we had finished the ceremony, including a coconut crash! So we had 2 hours or so after the ceremony. I hung out with M's sister Debbie's boyfriend Duncan (follow that?) who is the brother of this actor: (you many recognize him from My Name is Earl (slow Roger) or TBS's 10 items or less)

So if you are keeping track, that puts me 3 degrees of separation from Jason Lee (sigh). Duncan and I hung out at the hotel bar, enjoyed many Smithwicks on tap and watching t.v. Good times. Oh and did I mention that Duncan is a Navy Pilot...lands big trillion dollar planes on ity bity carriers. Sigh.

We headed into the cocktail hour at 6:30 and had appetizers and open bar in the hallway. Then about 7:00 they opened the doors to the ballroom. It had been transformed from the ceremony space to this.

The room was filled with purple accents and lovely details including lots of orchids.

This cake made me think twice about not having a wedding cake, but then it was served and it was meh.

This was one of the floral arrangements from around the buffet tables.

A little shiny from the humidity, but here we are!

One of the lovely centerpieces. At the end of the night, one of my table mates drank the water out of this. It was a fun evening!

The sweetheart table, which was on a stage. I'm not sure I want to eat in front of everyone while being elevated, but I guess it worked for them!

A buffet line. We had Indian food again, not as good at the rehearsal dinner, but still decent. I wish I could give Monica all the details she requested about the meal but this one in particular was identified with signs like "pickled" or "okra"...no good descriptors.

Here is the happy couple, changed! M in a tux with purple vest and S in this beautiful sari!

Beautiful colors! And check out this kid! He is S's little cousin and when I met him at 1:00 he could hardly speak to me, but he danced ALL night! Super cute! He knew all the moves.

M and his Dad. I am so thrilled that not only M & S are coming to our wedding, but so are M's folks!

Look at S go! She is part of an Indian dance-troop in LA, she teaches Salsa dancing and she loves hip-hop. There was a bit of everything at this wedding reception!

We had to take a few things up to the bridal suite and I was startled to see this! Yikes! I have never even owned that much make-up, let alone used all of it at once! But S looked beautiful!

After returning from the bridal suite, we saw this lovely bride (with her groom) headed up stairs. She looked stunning and was so sweet and happy! What everyone wants, right?!

While in Orlando, we headed to Disneyworld and enjoyed a ride on the teacups!

And a lovely day and night around the park!

The end!

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Jennifer said...

*sigh* I loved your play-by-play of the whole wedding! Pretty orchids on that cake, too! And I loved that tall centerpiece (but I wouldn't drink the water).

BTW, your teacup picture almost made me barf. And no, not 'cause of you, but 'cause I get queasy just thinking about it. You look cute and happy though!