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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I guess the celebration part of the wedding experience has officially started. I ain't going to lie. I love it!

In December, while at my folks home for Christmas they threw a lovely Engagement Party for us. That day it snowed 6 inches, which in Kansas can equal up to several feet of snow in some areas due to drifts. FI got his first chance to shovel snow (and his second and third!). While it made for a lovely picture-perfect Christmas, it really kept the guests away. We had 20+ people brave the cold and snow and it was a great time, but my BM who lives in NYC, who I see once a year couldn't make it. Overall we had a lovely evening and it was great to see some people who have known me since I was 13, which for a kid who moved around a bit, thats a record!

A few weeks ago while my mom was here, we went to lunch at the Arizona Inn with the Tootsies. The Tootsies are 3 special ladies in my life who provide great support and laughter. I don't see them enough, but they are dear to me. To our suprise the Tootsies had ordered champagne and paid for the lunch to treat me and my mom. It was not only great to have the ladies meet my mom, but it was one of the first days I felt like a *Bride*! Heck I got a complimentary Baked Alaska! If that doesn't make you feel special, I'm not sure what can!

In a month I'll attend my bridal shower in Phoenix. My FSIL is planning it and 3 family members are flying out to attend with me. I'll have 2 out of 3 bridesmaids there as well as the flower girl. My mom will meet my FMIL for the second time! After the shower, my mom, SIL, niece (aka flowergirl) and Tucson BM will stay the night in Phoenix. The shower is mainly FI's family and their friends, but I'm still excited for the event. It will be my first bridal shower I've ever attended!

Although we still have 7 months till the wedding it is fun to begin the celebrations!


Jennifer said...

Woo hoo for par-tees!! And yay for celebrating *you*!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

A comment out of left field (in honor of spring training): Parties are nice (especially tootsie parties) for the flair and tinsel....they are important because they put an exclamation point on the every day celebrations which make up most of our lives. We do need to consider routines a form of celebration, too, otherwise we'd all be living just for the future. Just stopping in the middle of a day (to call or hug the one you love) is celebration, too. We need all sorts of celebrations to put anchor points in our lives. Memories are built upon celebration moments! My son is in town, so I have a right to talk philosophically like a wise old mom. Hey I am a wise old mom (enjoying today with family).