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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Once and a while, he really blows me away

The Fi and I were out last night and half way through dinner, Fi got a text that our dear friends S& J had their beautiful baby girl - Nadia Joy yesterday. So we went out to celebrate for them and to toast a happy healthy life for new baby Nadia. Over drinks Fi and I turned our conversation to the ceremony.

I will admit the ceremony part of the wedding celebration is the part of the day that has most fascinated, scared and thrilled me. We are so blessed that my Uncle John will be performing the ceremony. However, because of my feelings of trepidation, I have been pretty clammed up about the ceremony with Fi.

Last night however, Fi shocked me. We spoke about some readings we want and who we want to have involved. Fi had a great idea that he would like to have our guests surround us, us stand in the middle and have the rows of chairs in the round. Wow. I didn't know he cared!

Then he shared a conversation he had recently with a friend. The friend said that a couple need not fret over the ceremony, because, really, we are just acting out parts in a play. Fi (I'm so proud!!) said he disagreed and wants to help plan aspects of the ceremony. Although we aren't the first couple to ever get married, he disagrees with the "acting" metaphor.

I assumed incorrectly that Fi has just seen the ceremony as the means to an end. But it appears that he really does care. Awwww.


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

A nice story surrounding a happy dinner. Back in ancient history (the early 70s) we too sat down and planned our little ceremony together at the 11th hour, with a priest and a rabbi offering encouragement and suggestions. The ceremony was simple yet beautiful. It is the source of a great happy memory for both of us. So it will be for you two, too.

Jennifer said...

Yay for reassuring conversations over drinks! I knew he had it in him. ;)