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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Time for a little history lesson, don’t you think?

So it was the Spring of 2003 in March and my dear buddy Melisa tells me that we are all meeting at the bar for another Thursday night get-together. A group of us had been going to the same bar every Thursday night for over a year at this point, so no big deal, right?


Melisa was down right giddy about my meeting her pal who had the cute butt. I should also mention that I was seeing at least one guy at the time (maybe two, the math is still fuzzy). So Thursday finally rolls around. I go to the bar I meet the guy with the cute butt (Melisa is always right about these things) and we play Golden Tee. We met for the first time March of 2003, I remember meeting him and thinking “eh”. He remembers the same thing about me. I thought he was a bit annoyed with me cause I was too busy playing darts and being a social butterfly than standing right next to the Golden Tee machine waiting for my turn. Oh yeah, and the postman I was dating* was there too.

Next lesson: We meet again.
* Dating may be too strong of a term.

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Jennifer said...

LOL!!! I missed this somehow last week, but this is freaking awesome!! I can't wait for the next installment of your history!!