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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Paper flowers (Centerpiece idea numero dos and hopefully last)

Tucson has a beautiful folk art community. With the meld of Mexican and Native American arts as well as the traditions residents have brought from all over the world, Tucson is distinctive. And the longer you stay here, the more it seeps into your style. So I've lived here for almost 7 years. I can't go a week with out Mexican for dinner. I carry bottled water everywhere. I eat my fry bread with butter and salt. My favorite treat is pumpkin empinadas. Slowly but surely I have become a Tucsonan.

What's this have to do with centerpeices? Mexican Paper flowers. These beautiful handmade flowers will need to make an apperance in my wedding.

I have been batting around a few ideas as to how to use paper flowers. Escort cards? Centerpeices? Just on display? After Miss Bubblegum's post on Weddingbee about her oragami flowers, I decided to have them as escort cards - but then it hit me! Why stop at escort cards. Why not have them be: escort cards, favors AND centerpeices?!?! Am I crazy? Perhaps.

Pictures please:

an example of a Mexican Paper flower. I love the big blooms and the bold colors.

Take a look at these bunches! If you look closely you can see the differences in blooms.

Not Mexican Paper flowers, but centerpiece idea.

Flowers as escort cards. Thanks Miss Tiramasu, from Weddingbee for posting this. So my idea is to have tags similar to this on each bloom with name and table number. At each table, there will be a glass vase with one paper flower in it. The back of the tag withh include instructions to fill up the vase with your flower and that the flowers are for the taking at the end of the night.

These are Miss Bubblegum's flowers being arranged as escort cards. She plans on putting the flowers in vases in alpha order for people to find their name. I am still pondering this. Maybe alpha order, but with Fi and I both having last names that begin with "B", we might have to split up our family in their own vases.

A few other ideas for display are haveing them arranged in alpha order on floral foam. The foam would be covered with something pretty. Or perhaps in a flower box with lemon grass? As much as I like the colorful blooms, I don't want to have a technocolor wedding, so I'm envisioning greens and creams with a few pinks snuck in.

A few other logistics to consider: Since the ceremony and reception are at the same place, would people get their flowers before ceremony or after? Good news, the Z has a whole shed of stuff left over from previous weddings. I know they have 100s of glass vases just sitting for me to use! They won't all match, but I like that. Where do we get the flowers? The flowers, I hope to make. We are having 150-180 for dinner, so I would make 200 flowers. I headed down to THE Mexican paper store today for an additional lesson, but unfortunatly they were closed. Next week perhaps. (But I did get a pumpkin empinada!)

So if you choose to comment, be gentle...I'm getting attached to this idea!


Linda said...

I love those Mexican Paper Flowers. I forgot all about them. That's a wonderful idea!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

The craft of making paper flowers is a timeless Mexican tradition, from the 17th century. Originally it was brought to Mexico from the Far East (that’s why it is called papel de china), and cut paper flowers continue to be one of China's most popular forms of visual art. This is a tradition back to 6th Century in China.

How fantastic you will think of using this special art in your own wedding. I am imagining you can get wise ideas from some of the South Tucson women who have a tradition with this art…..and the range of possibilities for your wedding is endless.

So, keep going with this fabulous idea. I agree, I would prefer a desert-inspired colored pallet vs. fiesta technicolor. I am wondering if there is a special place to get beautiful, recycled papers. Maybe this summer thre can be a flower-making party (at my house?) when you finally decide on styles and papers! Good thoughts, Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

They are so beautiful! And I like the idea of the (covered) foam to put the escort cards in, since in a vase, it would be hard to keep in order (if I'm thinking about it the right way). Let me know if you want help!! After all, I was born with the gift of origami. :)