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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A FUN Shower game!

My FSIL made a fun quiz game for me and Fi. My FSIL called Fi to get a few answers and questions and he renamed it "How to screw your brother". As endearing as FI is, he has no memory for when we met, how long we have been dating and details! But he did just fine! I was the judge of the answers and the guests were split into two teams.
There were 5 categories: Jenn Only, Fi Only, The Happy Couple, Jenn or Fi and Destinations.
Some of my favorite questions were:

Category "The Happy Couple": on what night of the week do they eat tacos and watch their favorite tv show? Answer: Taco Thursdays

Category "destinations": Where did Jenn & Fi go on their overseas trip a few years ago? Answer: The UK

Category "FI only": what superhero did FI dress up as in his under-roos? Answer: Superman (how cute is that!)

Category: "Jenn or Fi": Who reads non-fiction, microsoft press and Sonoran Desert info? Answer: Fi

Category "Jenn only": In what city was Jenn born? Answer: Small Town, Pa, which induced a question from one of the guests. She kept asking me over and over again if I was born in Small Town, Pa. I answered yes and pointed to my mom and said "Ask her, she was there!" Turns out the guest had grown up right outside Small Town in an even Smaller Town and went to Small Town High School. Too weird, right! When we lived in Small Town, PA it had about 13,000 in it, so the chances are slim!

The game was a hit, although only my family knew any answers about me. The game would be more suited for a roomful of girlfriends or close friends and not people you are meeting for the first time. It was really sweet of my FSIL to come up with such a great game!

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Jennifer said...

Haha, that's fun! For two of the three bridal showers I've thrown, I emailed the fiance and got answers like your FSIL did. I left it at the "couple" level, though, 'cause I didn't want it to get too drawn out -- I'm always worried about that. There are some shower games (bridal and baby) that make me a little uncomfortable, but that made everyone laugh and have a great time. :)