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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hooking up

Lesson one
Lesson two

The Hook-up. So it is May 13th (see what a girl I am?!) and I go across the border for a fun time with my “enimigo” (sometime friend, sometime boyfriend and sometime enemy). He really wants to spend the night and I really don’t. So we get in the car and drive to the Old Pueblo in the evening. I am driving him home and all I can think about is how my friends and hopefully the boy with the cute butt are at the bar. So I drop of my enimigo (for the last time!) and head to the bar.
I didn’t get there till 10 and I rush in and I see him.

The boy!
I don’t even say hi to my friends, I just run around to the other side of the bar to see him. We are standing there ordering drinks and I tell him about my crazy day across the border and he asks if I am still dating that guy. I say no (confidently and honeslty) and he asks for my number. Classy as always I write it on a bar napkin in pencil (he still has it!). So we have a lovely evening being all moony over each other. At the end of the night we walk outside and kick the dirt and not want to end the night and I ask:
“what are you doing now”
“going to bed”
My friends standing around us kind of chuckle and he realizes that I may want to keep hanging out with him, so I ask again:
“what are you doing now?” a bit more forcefully.
“nothing and I have a hot tub”.


Next up: the hot tub!