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Monday, April 7, 2008

Backstory round two

Lesson One

A month or so goes by before I hear of the boy with the cute butt again. No big deal. I am still flitting around and having a good time. So sometime in the end of April he must of resurfaced. I remember seeing him a few more times. At a bar here, a bar there, everywhere a bar bar. Then one night in mid-May we have a conversation about sports. I tell him where I went to college and he says “Oh Blank Blankster is your head coach”.

Okay no one ever knows the head coach of MY school. They always get my school confused with the OTHER state school. And like any good state school kid I HATE the OTHER school and I HATE it when people get my school confused with the other school. Like it really matters in the long run, its not like I got my degree from Harvard and everyone thinks I got it from Yale. But it is school pride, you know! I didn't get this tattoo on my lower back for nothing.

So I am sooo impressed he knew the head coach of MY school, I remember sitting up and saying “I love you” to him. That was the first time I thought that I may like to run into boy with the cute butt again.

Next lesson: the “hook-up”

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Jennifer said...

Aww, so sweet!!!! *Sitting on the edge of my seat for lesson 3!!*