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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The HOT tub

So after agreeing to hang out some more on that fateful night, FI followed me home, I grabbed the skimpiest bikini and he drove me to his house. At the time we lived like 3 blocks from each other, which in Tucson, is awesome, cause everyone is spread out. We lived in this great historic neighborhood with great old houses (with guest houses, which is what I lived in) and wide streets with lots of round-abouts. You know the circles in the street to guide traffic? We hopped in his car and we promptly drive around a round-about and again. He says laughingly "look kids! Big Ben!" I have no idea what he is talking about, but then he quickly realizes I have never seen National Lampoons European Vacation. And I hadn't, but I thought he was weird. But then he explained it was from a movie and he wasn't weird. cool.

So we got to his house and he let me change into my suit in his room, so I closed the door peaked around (no visible weapons or porn, whew) and changed. I grabbed the handle of the door and it doesn't turn. It's not slippery it just doesn't turn. F. I am locked in this dude's bedroom and all I really know about him is he has a cute butt and he is a friend of a friend. F. I tried again and tried to calm down and after what felt like 5 minutes I finally got the door open.

He led me outside to the hot tub and he grabbed a few beers and hopped in. We had a fun night chatting and getting to know each other. We smooched. After what seemed like forever we went inside. We kept talking cause we were having a great time hitting it off. At four am, he drove me home and said he'd like to take me to dinner. I said yes!

I went to bed on cloud 9. The next day I went to Bowl for Kids sake, we had a company team. Although I couldn't bowl (I had just had arm surgery so I couldn't bowl) I went to support my team. I was so giddy, I told a few co-workers that he had asked me out. Uh oh. Two of them looked at me in horror. HE asked YOU out?!? they demanded. My co-workers said that is was possible that Melisa (remember her from lesson one?) liked him. What? My best buddy Melisa? How could I not know? Was I that blinded in my own selfish behavior I didn't see it? Crap. She DID talk about him a lot. Wow, she DID call him and ask him to meet us out for drinks. Shoot. Now that I reflected on it Melisa did mention the boy with the cute butt an awful lot.

I knew what I had to do, I had to call Melisa as soon as I got home to tell her what happened. Then I had to wait for the boy with the cute butt to call and tell him I couldn't go out with him.

Next up: the phone call

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Jennifer said...

Aughhhh!!!!! Obviously I know you went out with him, but aughhhh!!!!!!

I feel like I'm watching "The Office."