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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

uggh, weight update

I dread this post. But I brought it on myself. Last week I was flying high on my weight loss! 6 pounds total, a great accomplishment. So on Wednesday I had a couple pieces of candy. Then Thursday we went out to lunch for work and I had a salad (!) but one of those great salads with a bunch of stuff that should never be in a salad. Thursday night brought an evening of pizza and beer. Friday night: cheese enchiladas, chips and salsa and margaritas. Saturday lunch I had a sandwich with no nutritional value: baguette, brie, tomato and lettuce. Sunday lunch a hamburger and fries. Yesterday I had the day off and made a birthday cake (pictures to come soon) for Fi birthday so I consumed more chocolate just by licking my fingers than I usually do in a year. So even though I moved more last week than I had a while...I have gained back some weight. It just really shows how a few slip ups can lead to more slip ups and before you know it....I am not discouraged though, I just am feeling more motivated and armed with good knowledge. I have to pay attention to everything I eat. I need to be more aware of how I fuel myself. Hopefully next week will prove to be more successful.

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Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

margaritas and chocolate and cheese are necessary to life! ask leigh, I am a little in withdrawal because my stomach still can't handle such stuff. I am starting to dream about salted frosty glasses, blocks of manchego and very dark chile-spiced chocolate. (sorry I am carried away and no help but the chocolate baking story inspired me...I do understand and will support you! come over I will cook something tasty but light)