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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Update, operation weight loss

A few weeks ago I posted about my fitness inspiration board and my intention to loose some weight. Well it has been a few weeks since that post and in that time, I managed to gain 5 pounds and loose 4. So, I'm pretty much where I started.

I had a busy couple of weeks, running a half marathon, then celebrating the running of the half marathon (by pigging out and not running), I had my family in town and trips to see FI family for Easter. All those activities required lots of eating and drinking. So the pounds just crept up.

Well last Tuesday Fi and I really got a jump start. We've limited our drinking and been eating in more and had fruits as snacks. I started running again and ran a race on Sunday. So in a week I dropped 4 pounds. I know this is a-typical for weight loss, and am just hoping for a 1-2 pound loss a week from here on for a few weeks.

My goals have shifted from that last post, but I am feeling great about my progress so far (even though I am right back where I started). Tonight I am heading back into the gym after a hiatus!

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