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Friday, February 8, 2008


No pictures now, but I promise some later.
Scene: FI and I at dinner last night and I explain to him how excited I am for my (much needed) hair appointment on Friday. I ask him to remind me to put my digital camera in my purse because my awesome hair dresser/friend Jamie has graciously offered to do a hair trial after every hair cut. So last time I came straight home (with my super cute straight look) and took photos, but this time I wanted to take photos right after, then later on in the evening to test the endurance of my hair.

FI gets a strained look on his face, then admits that he TOOK my camera and left it at work. So no camera for me. But he offered to drive (20 minutes) from work to my hair salon at lunch to drop it off. Yeah right! He offered this gesture at 8:00pm.

At 8:30 we had our first Jumbo. At 12:30am we stumbled out of the bar. So this morning through my hangover fog, I wondered to myself, would he REALLY take the camera in? Would he even remember?

I just got a call from FI, he just delivered the goods to the salon. I can't believe he remembered and that he was able to do it. He rocks my socks off.

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Jennifer said...

Aww, what a sweetheart he is!! Driving you home last night *and* remembering the camera!!! I think you got the last good guy out there! ;)