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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Card Swap: follow up

I received 3 cards as part of the Weddingbee Card Swap.

The first card I received was from Hana. She took the photo herself and printed it on a lovely piece of cardstock that had a lovely subtle pattern to the paper. Hana has a shop on Esty with her photo cards

My next card came from Kim. She used a pretty deep red card stock. Notice her rounded corners! The word "flirt" was glittery as was a pretty little heart on the inside.
The last card (and my favorite) was from Nicole. She left a lovely personal message on the back (the rest of us left the same generic message) along with her email (I need to drop her a line). Using some pretty blue craft paper, she added her hearts along with the red accents.
Here are all three together. I really cherished getting them in the mail. I hope I get to participate in future swaps!

Hope all my cards made it safely and that they were received with as much anticipation and appreciation as the ones I received were!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Interesting. There is absolutely no contest in my mind. The colors, the personal touches and the mixed-media/collage effect make Nicole's the winner in my book (were the hearts made of fabric?). I'm surprised Hana used a card off her site; I liked her interesting photographic effect - just wished she would have created something special for this swap. You also were nice to give her a link from your blog. Kim took some care with her card, that was nice too. But Nicole's card was special for her colors/creativity.

Jennifer said...

So cute!!! How fun to get real snail mail that doesn't start with "You've been approved for..."! It's good to know people put in real effort (of course, some more than others...) to get out real, creative cards! I know you worked hard on yours (though -- did you really need that 1/16 hole punch?? :)) and I'm sure they all really appreciate them!!