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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I heart this photo of me and my mom. FI took it last Saturday (our rest day) during our hike in Madera Canyon (see the snow?). Who knows what we are chatting about, but we are deep in conversation.

We had a really great visit!

One of the best parts of wedding planning has really been sharing with her (although it hasn't all been easy, there have been plenty of phone calls that end with me in tears). My mom is very practical as well as creative. Her practical side came in handy when she finally solved my ceremony crisis. 6 months of struggle for me, 20 minute decision for her. My mom's creativity was apparent while we were looking at books (and books) of invitations.

My mom will be back in one month for a shower and another visit! This next visit will be all fun, no work, and my niece and SIL will be here too. I am looking forward it!


Jennifer said...

Woo hoo for visits from family! I think moms and dads are always so necessary when making big decisions. I even just sent an email to my dad about how many scoops of coffee grinds I need to put in per cup of coffee for when my aunt and uncle get here!!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Brett is on his way here tonight. I second the woo hoo above for visits from family...precious treats that are so very special.