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Thursday, February 7, 2008


My mom is coming. In a week. She will take this wedding into her hands and fix it. She will help me tie up all the crazy loose ends and make me feel like a normal person again. We have 3 full days and I believe we are booked for every second of those 3 days.
I am really looking forward to having her here with me in Tucson!
The itinerary:
8:00 am: wake up, hit ground running.
9:00 am: tour Z mansion
10:00 am: walk to potential ceremony sites and tour those options
12:00 lunch! and a chance for my mom to tell me how ridiculous I am being and to calm down. If I am lucky she'll use my full name.
1:00pm: Drive to some other ceremony locations, tour those sites.
3:00pm: nap
4:00pm: work out
5:30pm: drink wine and laugh together
7:30pm: Dinner with Darrell at Cafe Poca Cosa
10:00pm: Roll into bed
8:00am: wake up, hit ground running.
9:00am: head to Maya Palace to pick up my dress (eek!) and hopefully try it on for my mom to see.
10:00am: shop for accessories and for mom
12:00: Hopefully lunch with Tootsies, drop off my dress to be stored.
1:30pm: Either go back out shopping for clothes or shopping for ceremony locations
3:00pm: Swing by stationary store to look at invitiation options, specifically wording.
5:00pm: nap
6:15pm: wine
7:00pm: Dinner (TBD)
10:00: Roll into bed.
6:00am: my run, mom may join as a walker
10:00am: visit bakeries.
12:00: Tubac or more shopping or decision making
7:00pm: Dinner (TBD)
8:00am: breakfast
10:00am: Drop mom at the airport.
12:00: nap to recover!


Jennifer said...

Yay for Mom being in town!! I hope she'll join us Saturday morning, although I vaguely recall you saying she said "forget it" when she found out what time it was at. :)

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Nothing like a Mom. What a great time you will have next week. Yes, I am hoping for a Friday tootsie lunch and a dropoff to the storage room if you have the time...the welcome sign will be there for whenever you want it. If you are looking for Friday night ideas (beyond a homey dinner) would Mom enjoy flamenco at Casa Vicente or maybe just a fun bar scene at The Cup/stroll on Congress or 4th?

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the ideas Monica! One night will be dinner in, but those are good thoughts! Wonder does Casa Vicente have flamenco on Saturday nights?