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Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the hairstyle I've decided to go with. Just a bit more "done" than my normal day. Jamie took a flat iron to it after washing and drying it. I like how sleek and shiny it looks and most of all, how me it is. We decided that I'll grow out my hair just a bit longer (I'll have on a strapless dress, so their will be a lot of dead space, especially since I don't plan on wearing any jewelry), so another inch will add just a bit to the look. I feel relived to have such a simple decision off my list. Another pro is that after tucking it behind my ears and sleeping on it, 12 hours after it was done, it still looked great. I never got the "tuck marks' that my hair usually gets after slipping it behind my ear. Jamie can tease up the crown a bit, so my veil can slip right in. And as long as it isn't humid that day, I will have no hair worries.

I always kind of assumed I'd have my hair done: curled or up or something fancy. I never imagined that having my hair straightened would be considered having it "done". But I love it, and I think it looks and most importantly it lasts!

Now, if I can just get everybody to stop asking me if I am going to grow my hair out for the wedding (seriously people...I've been engaged for almost a year, wouldn't I have started growing out my hair then!)


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Yes, Jennifer! So classic and beautiful. Flat-iron brings the shine and sleek definition. A wonderful shot, too, who needs a photographer, you're great! (and is that new eye makeup...something special it seems, or maybe is it just the happiness sparkling through.)

Jennifer said...

I love it! And I love that you are doing something that looks and feels *you*. :) And hey, nice mixer on the counter!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Monica! And nothing special or new with the makeup, must just be the "glow"!!!

Yup, that's the new mixer...600 pro series! I heart it.